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Summer Beach Party (2015) was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Summer Beach Party (2015)
Reyna's stage
Release date 29 June 2015 (Update)
End date 31 August 2015 (Update)
Reward Cosmetic overrides, titles and more
Head developer Mod Daze
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by Summer Beach Party (2016)

The Summer Beach Party was an event that first ran from 29 June 2015 until the 31 August 2015. The Lumbridge Crater was transformed into a beach and the event was organised by Battle of Lumbridge survivor Reyna.

Summer Beach Party map

A map of the beach party.


Beach party preparations

Reyna amongst heaps of sand

Half a week prior to the beach party itself players were able to bring Reyna up to 24 buckets of sand per day, in exchange for mystery boxes. Mystery boxes could also be obtained through Treasure Hunter or daily challenges. Rewards from the mystery boxes include:

Big mystery boxes can be claimed from Reyna until 12 July, the number received dependent on how many mystery boxes were opened. As well as the above rewards, excluding the Prize token, they also give the chance of winning a crab hat.

Speaking to Reyna any time prior to the party also rewarded the player with a beach party ticket, to be redeemed once the party has started for 4 cocktails, an ice cream, and a random reward item token.


Temperature gauge

There were various activities around the beach, which could be used to gain experience in different skills. Unique item tokens could also be a rare prize from any of the activities.

The filling of a temperature gauge to the right of the screen indicated how close the player is to reaching the daily experience cap, which could be reset 3 times a day by eating an ice cream.

Percent Status
0% - 19% Cool
21% - 39% Warm
40% - 59% Hot
60% - 79% Boiling
80% - 99% Scorching
100% Inferno

You can only eat an ice cream at "Inferno" status. Attempting to eat more than 3 ice creams gives the message "BRAIN FREEZE!
You can only cool yourself down 3 times a day."

Every 15 minutes a different activity is spotlighted, which provides an extra 10% experience buff to the relevant skilling activity. The spotlighted activity differs from world to world.

Beach Ball Rolling (m)

Beach ball rolling

The beach ball rolling event

The Beach ball rolling portal can be found in the northern area of the beach. Entering it teleports the player to the beach ball rolling event island. Participating in the Beach Ball Rolling grants Agility experience.

This activity was released on 13 July 2015, as part of batch 2 of the beach.

Body building

Body building

The body building podiums

Body building interface

There are five body building podiums south of where Clawdia spawns; these podiums are run by two bodybuilders, Ivan and Greta. Participating in the activity gives Strength experience when doing one of the following four actions:

  • Curl
  • Lunge
  • Fly
  • Raise

Players earn experience whichever action they perform, but quadruple experience can be gained by following the bodybuilders' demonstration.

This activity was released on 13 July 2015, as part of batch 2 of the beach.


Fighting Clawdia

Clawdia fighting the players

Clawdia is an hourly boss, which emerges from the water-filled hole in the middle of the crater 45 minutes after every hour. This is indicated by rain falling at the beach. She is level 250 and has 1,500,000 life points, damage scaling to the player's level.

Upon defeat, Clawdia rewards players with ice creams, anti-sun potions and cocktails. There is also a rare chance to receive a unique item token. Note that Clawdia can still be fought for rewards if the temperature gauge is full.

To get the most rewards from Clawdia, players can hop from world to world to defeat Clawdia during the five minutes that she appears each hour.

Coconut shy

Coconut shy

The coconut shy stands

There are two coconut shies on the beach, located in the south-eastern corner and run by Sarah. They provide Ranged experience relative to the type of projectile thrown. Tropical coconuts can also be deposited here for Farming experience.

A player can successfully throw 300 times before reaching 100% temperature.

Item Experience Hit chance
Ball Average Average
Cabbage High Low
Chinchompa Low High

Distraction and Diversion portals

D&D portals

The D&D portals with Shooting Star and Evil Tree active

The south-western corner features 7 Distraction and Diversion portals, which can be entered to teleport the player to the corresponding D&D. A lifeguard announces which D&D activities are active on the players world.

The portals featured include:

Note: If the world's current shooting star is in the wilderness, players will be given a warning beforehand.


Summer barbecue plot

The summer barbecue plot

Grills and large chopping boards can be found in the north-eastern corner of the beach. They can be used to gain Cooking experience, and are run by Nigel.

Raw tropical trout may be deposited here for Fishing experience.

This activity can be done ~108 times before reaching 100% temperature.

Palm trees (m)

There are multiple palm trees found around the beach, grown by Palmer. They can be harvested for Farming experience and tropical coconuts.

Additional Farming experience can be gained by depositing the tropical coconuts in the pile of coconuts east of Sarah, by the coconut shies.

Note: You can even get the XP for depositing coconuts after you max out your thermometer.

500 coconuts can be gathered before reaching 100% temperature.

Rock pools

Rock pool fishing

Rock pool fishing spot with toy warships in

The rock pools can be found on the east side of the beach, overseen by Wellington. Raw tropical trout can be caught here for Fishing experience. Further Fishing experience can be gained by depositing the raw trout at the table north of Nigel, by the grills.

Toy pirate battleships can also be found here, to fight toy royal battleships, earning the player Construction experience.

94 Trout can be fished before reaching 100% temperature.

Sandcastle building (m)

Sandcastle building

Sandcastle building area, with four buildings in progress

Foreman George runs the sandcastle building, located in the north-western corner of the beach. Building the sandcastles rewards Construction experience. Players can build the corresponding tower to the current NPC guest to earn double experience. The NPC guest will spawn next to Foreman George and will change every few minutes. Players will automatically stop shoveling after 21 scoops of sand.

This activity can be done ~301 times before reaching 100% temperature.

Sandcastle NPC
Dominion Sandtower Ozan
Lumbridge Sandcastle Duke Horacio
Sand Exchange Sally the Grand Exchange clerk
Wizards' Sandtower Archmage Sedridor


Summer raffle

Opening mystery boxes gives you a chance to win a Prize token, which can be clicked and redeemed for any of five unique prizes.


Tokens may be earned through skilling, from Clawdia, or purchased with RuneCoins from Flo's Fun Item Shop, Sheldon's Cosmetic Item Shop, or Gill's Pet Shop. Tokens are unable to be purchased on the Grand Exchange although they are tradeable between players. The title [Name], King/Queen of the Sandcastle is unlocked by redeeming all the tokens.

Reward Unlocks Bought from RuneCoins G.E price
Beach ball token Beachball token Beach ball Flo 10 12,238 coins
Bucket head token Bucket head token Bucket head Sheldon 20 18,891 coins
Bunting whip token Bunting whip token Bunting whip Sheldon 33 102,318 coins
Buried in sand rest emote token Buried in sand rest emote token Buried in sand resting animation Flo 33 118,529 coins
Clawdia hat token Clawdia hat token Clawdia hat Sheldon 100 2,489,455 coins
Dragon ring token Dragon ring token Dragon ring Sheldon 33 58,006 coins
Gillbert pet token Gillbert pet token Gillbert Gill 50 1,362,551 coins
Phoebe pet token Phoebe pet token Phoebe Gill 50 1,594,784 coins
Snorkel token Snorkel token Snorkel Sheldon 20 23,112 coins
Surfboard emote token Surfboard emote token Surfboard emote Flo 33 76,884 coins
Stick of rock token Stick of rock token Stick of rock sword Sheldon 33 68,744 coins
Throwing disc token Throwing disc token Anti-dragon throwing disc case Flo 10 7,170 coins
Throwing starfish token Throwing starfish token Throwing starfish Sheldon 33 29,882 coins


The following items can be earned from beach activities or killing Clawdia:

  • 5 Barrel of monkeys (Summer Beach Party) Barrel of monkeys (Summer Beach Party) - causes monkeys to come out of the barrel
  • 50 Water balloon Water balloons - can be thrown at players, similar to snowballs
  • Anti-sun potion Anti-sun potion - 5% experience boost to any activity done on the beach for the next 24 hours
  • Ice cream Ice cream - used to reset the temperature gauge, up to 3 times a day
  • Lemon sour Lemon sour - gives a 2% experience bonus (stackable to 10%) to all support skills (Agility, Dungeoneering, Slayer, and Thieving) for 30 minutes
  • Pink fizz Pink fizz - gives a 2% experience boost (stackable to 10%) to all combat skills (Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Prayer, Ranged, Strength, and Summoning) for 30 minutes
  • Pineappletini Pineappletini - gives a 2% experience bonus (stackable to 10%) to all gatherer skills (Divination, Farming, Fishing, Hunter, Mining, and Woodcutting) for 30 minutes
  • Purple Lumbridge Purple Lumbridge - gives a 2% experience bonus (stackable to 10%) to all artisan skills (Cooking, Construction, Crafting, Firemaking, Fletching, Herblore, Runecrafting, and Smithing) for 30 minutes
  • Challenge gem Challenge gem

Rewards obtained through other means are:


These titles are not purchasable, instead earned from doing certain things.

Title Requirement
[Name] the Quackers Find 10 hidden little toy ducks
[Name] the Totally Quackers Find 10 hidden little toy ducks and own the mega ducklings or Mod Dolan's rubber duck
[Name] the Beachbum Successfully hit 5 coconuts in a row in the coconut shy game
[[Lifeguard|Lifeguard [Name]]] Kill Clawdia 50 times
[Name] the Bronzed Reach maximum temperature 10 times
[Name] the Sunburned Reach maximum temperature 25 times
[Name] the Chilled Eat 10 ice creams
Beachcomber [Name] Participate in all of the activities
[Name], King/Queen of the Sandcastle Unlock all of the beach token

Right clicking lifeguards can be used to see the amount of ice creams eaten, Clawdias killed and thermometers filled.

Music unlocked


  • Clicking on home teleport while resting on a deck chair will cause the following message to appear: "It's hard to teleport when you're so relaxed."
  • Reyna compliments players who wear a Fish mask while fishing at Rock Pools, however fishing spots don't say anything.
  • Strange and golden rocks as well as anagogic ort and mysterious meteorites can spawn doing some of the beach activities after the 13 July 2015 update.
  • Summoning familiars are hidden on the beach much like in the Grand Exchange.


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