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Summer Beach Party (2016) was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Summer Beach Party (2016)
Reyna's stage
Release date 15 August 2016 (Update)
End date 12 September 2016 (Update)
Reward Cosmetic overrides, titles and more
Head developer Mod Daze
Preceded by Summer Beach Party (2015)
Succeeded by Spring Fayre (2017)

The Summer Beach Party was an event that first ran from 15 August 2016 until the 12 September 2016. The Lumbridge Crater was transformed into a beach and the event was organised by Battle of Lumbridge survivor Reyna.

Summer Beach Party (2016) map

A map of the event


Like the previous year, players again were able to bring buckets of sand to the crater, limited to 20 buckets a day. A Treasure Hunter promotion, Build A Beach also ran during the preparation. A big mystery box could be received from Reyna after delivering sand to her on each of the five preparation days. Players had to claim their big mystery boxes on 15 August before the game update. The rewards from the mystery boxes and big mystery boxes were updated for this event.


Temperature gauge

There are various activities around the beach, which can be used to gain experience in different skills. Unique item tokens can also be a rare prize from any of the activities.

The filling of a temperature gauge to the left of the screen indicates how close the player is to reaching the daily experience cap, which can be reset 3 times a day by eating an ice cream.

Percent Status
0% - 19% Cool
20% - 39% Warm
40% - 59% Hot
60% - 79% Boiling
80% - 99% Scorching
100% Inferno

You can only eat an ice cream at "Inferno" status.

Every 15 minutes a different activity is spotlighted, which provides an extra 10% experience buff to the relevant skilling activity. The spotlighted activity differs from world to world.


Summer barbecue plot

The summer barbecue plot

Barbeques is an activity located in the north-eastern corner of the beach. It is run by Nigel. In it 3 grills and 3 large chopping boards can be used to gain Cooking experience.

Each skilling spot can be used to gain experience twice per interaction which takes a total of 18 seconds. At level 99 Cooking, 584 Cooking experience is obtained. Each time that experience is gained raises the temperature by 14/15 %, so Barbeques may be used to gain experience 108 times before reaching 100% temperature. The following table shows some typical values for Barbeques at level 99 Cooking, assuming maximum efficiency with re-clicking the objects.

Experience per gauge Time to fill the gauge Item drops per gauge
63,072 15 minutes 2.3

Barbeques experience table

This table should be used as a rough guide for the experience gained at your level. Values may be off, but always within 1 experience correct.

Experience per harvest
Cooking level XP Cooking level XP Cooking level XP
1 44.2 34 184.5 67 339.4
2 48.5 35 189 68 347
3 52.7 36 193.4 69 355.7
4 57 37 197 70 361.9
5 61.2 38 201.5 71 369.6
6 65.5 39 206 72 377.2
7 69.7 40 210 73 385.8
8 74 41 214.5 74 393.4
9 78.2 42 218.5 75 400
10 82.5 43 222.9 76 408.1
11 86.7 44 226.7 77 415.7
12 91 45 231.5 78 423.3
13 95.2 46 235.3 79 431
14 99.5 47 240 80 438.6
15 103.7 48 243.8 81 446.2
16 108 49 248.6 82 453.8
17 112.2 50 252.4 83 461.5
18 116.5 51 256.2 84 469.1
19 120.7 52 261 85 476.7
20 125 53 264.8 86 484.4
21 129.2 54 270.2 87 492
22 133.5 55 274.4 88 499.6
23 137.7 56 278.1 89 507.3
24 142 57 281.9 90 514.9
25 146.2 58 286.7 91 522.5
26 150.5 59 291.5 92 529.9
27 154.7 60 295.3 93 537.8
28 159 61 299.1 94 545.8
29 163.5 62 302.9 95 553
30 167.5 63 307.7 96 560.7
31 172.5 64 317.2 97 568.3
32 176.5 65 323.8 98 575.9
33 180.5 66 331.5 99 584

Raw tropical trout may also be deposited here for Fishing experience.

Beach ball rolling (m)

Beach ball rolling

The beach ball rolling event

The Beach ball rolling portal can be found in the northern area of the beach. Entering it teleports the player to the beach ball rolling event island where players roll beach balls down a slope and run after them, trying to keep upright for as long as possible. Participating in the Beach Ball Rolling grants Agility experience. Players fall over if they collide with an object on the route. They can also fall over randomly without colliding and inevitably fall over at the 45 metres, making it impossible to reach the bottom.

At level 99 Agility, 12.3 Agility experience is awarded for every metre stood upright. For stumbling right at the beginning 1 Agility experience is rewarded. Each metre takes 0.6 seconds to run and increases the temperature gauge by 1/15 %, so a full temperature gauge takes 15 minutes of active running down the hill. In practice, falling over and restarting the running makes it take slightly longer. The following table shows some typical values for Beach Ball Rolling at level 99 Agility.

Experience per gauge Time to fill the gauge Item drops per gauge
18,450 25.2 minutes 2.7


Fighting Clawdia

Clawdia fighting the players

Clawdia is an hourly boss who emerges from the water-filled hole in the middle of the crater 45 minutes after every hour. This is indicated by rain falling at the beach. She is level 250 and has 1,500,000 life points, with damage dealt scaling to the player's level and life points. If Clawdia retreats before being killed, it still rewards the participating players.

Upon defeat, Clawdia rewards players with the items gotten by skilling on the beach. Fighting Clawdia doesn't increase the temperature gauge and she can thus still be fought for rewards even if the temperature gauge is full.

Unlike the previous year's event, Clawdia could only be looted once per hourly spawn.

Coconut shy

Coconut shy

The coconut shy stand

There is one coconut shy on the beach, located in the south-eastern corner and run by Sarah. It provides Ranged experience relative to the type of projectile thrown and the player's Ranged level. Tropical coconuts from Palm Tree Farming can also be deposited here for Farming experience.

Item Experience Hit chance
Ball Average Average
Cabbage High Low
Chinchompa Low High

If the "play" option is selected on the stall, an interface opens where the item selection can be made. The stall can also be right-clicked to quickly start throwing any of the items. After the item is selected, the player attempts to knock off the coconuts for a maximum of 10 times per interaction. Each attempt can cause either experience being gained, the item bouncing off the coconut ("It bounced off the coconut. So close.") or the coconut being missed ("You missed the coconut, maybe next time.").

At level 99 Ranged, throwing a ball successfully yields 198 Ranged experience. Cabbage yields 5/3 times that (330 Ranged experience), and chinchompa 5/7 times that (141.4 Ranged experience). A throw takes 3 seconds. Each successful throw causes the temperature to rise by 1/3 %, so 300 successful throws can be made before reaching 100% temperature, regardless of the items thrown. Failed throws do not cause the temperature to rise. The following table shows some typical values for Coconut Shy at level 99 Ranged, assuming maximum efficiency with restarting the throwing.

Item Experience per gauge Time to fill the gauge Item drops per gauge
Balls 59,400 27.8 minutes 9
Cabbages 99,000 47.2 minutes 6
Chinchompas 42,420 22.7 minutes 12

Hook a Duck (m)

Hook-a-Duck (Summer Beach Party)

The Hook-a-Duck stand.

Hook a Duck is an event that is new to the beach in 2016. It is run by Sarah. In it the player must choose from three types of rod to use at the booth and gain Hunter experience. The experience gained scales by the player's level in Hunter. The choice of rod has the following effects.

Rod Experience Success rate
Light weight Average Average
Fast action High Low
Magnetic Low High

If the "play" option is selected on the stall, an interface opens where the rod selection can be made. The stall can also be right-clicked to quickly start catching with any of the rods. After the rod is selected, the player attempts to catch a duck for a maximum of 10 times per interaction. Each attempt can cause either experience being gained, the duck slipping away ("The duck just slips away. So close.") or the duck being missed ("The duck was no where near your rod, maybe next time.").

At level 99 Hunter, catching a duck successfully with the light weight rod yields 234 Hunter experience. Fast action rod yields 5/3 times that (390 Hunter experience), and magnetic rod 5/7 times that (167.1 Hunter experience). An attempt takes 3 seconds. Each successful attempt causes the temperature to rise by 1/3 %, so 300 successful attempts can be made before reaching 100% temperature, regardless of the rod used. Failed attempts do not cause the temperature to rise. The following table shows some typical values for Hook a Duck at level 99 Hunter, assuming maximum efficiency with restarting the activity.

Rod Experience per gauge Time to fill the gauge Item drops per gauge
Light weight 70,200 30 minutes 9
Fast action 117,000 48 minutes 12
Magnetic 50,130 21.7 minutes 14

Palm tree farming (m)

There are 16 palm trees with coconuts found around the beach, grown by Palmer. They can be harvested for Farming experience and tropical coconuts.

Each picked coconut yields 34 Farming experience at level 99 Farming, taking 1.8 seconds for each coconut. After a random amount of coconuts picked the tree becomes depleted for a while. Each coconut picked causes the temperature to rise by 0.2%, so 500 coconuts can be gathered before reaching 100% temperature.

Additional Farming experience can be gained by depositing the tropical coconuts in the pile of coconuts east of Sarah, by the coconut shies. At 99 Farming each deposited coconut gives 8.5 Farming experience, a quarter of the experience given for picking them. This doesn't increase the temperature and you can thus get the experience for depositing coconuts after having filled the temperature gauge.

The following table shows some typical values for Palm Tree Farming at 99 Farming with moderate efficiency in switching the trees when needed.

Method Experience per gauge Time to fill the gauge Item drops per gauge
Depositing the coconuts 21,250 21.7 minutes 12
Dropping the coconuts 17,000 17.1 minutes

Rock pools

Rock pool fishing

Rock pool fishing spot with toy warships in

The rock pools can be found on the east side of the beach, overseen by Wellington. Raw tropical trout can be caught here from the 4 fishing spots for Fishing experience. At level 99 Fishing, 239.3 Fishing experience is gained for each trout caught. Further Fishing experience can be gained by depositing the raw trout at the table north of Nigel, by the grills. This gives quarter of the experience received when catching the trouts (59.8 Fishing experience at level 99 Fishing).

Toy pirate battleships can also be found here, to fight toy royal battleships, earning the player Construction experience.

94 trout can be fished before reaching 100% temperature, with each trout contributing 16/15 %. Unlike with many other activities, the time it takes to fill the temperature bar fully varies slightly due to nature of Fishing; sometimes the bar can be filled in 14 minutes of active fishing or less. Depositing the fish at the table does not increase the temperature and can thus be done even after reaching the maximum temperature.

The following table shows some typical values for Rock Pool Fishing at 99 Fishing, assuming moderate efficiency in switching the spots and depositing fish.

Method Experience per gauge Time to fill the gauge Item drops per gauge
Depositing the fish 28,115.4 13.8 minutes 4.5
Dropping the fish 22,494.2 12.8 minutes

Rock pool experience table

This table should be used as a rough guide for the experience gained at your level.

Level XP Deposit XP Level XP Deposit XP Level XP Deposit XP Level XP Deposit XP
1 2.4 0.6 26 62.8 15.7 51 123.3 30.8 76 183.7 45.9
2 4.8 1.2 27 65.3 16.3 52 127.7 31.4 77 186.1 45.9
3 7.3 1.8 28 67.7 16.9 53 128.1 32.0 78 188.5 47.1
4 9.7 2.4 29 70.1 17.5 54 130.5 32.6 79 191.0 47.7
5 12.1 3.0 30 72.5 18.1 55 132.9 33.2 80 193.4 48.3
6 14.5 3.6 31 74.9 18.7 56 135.4 33.8 81 195.8 48.9
7 16.9 4.2 32 77.3 19.3 57 137.8 34.4 82 198.2 49.6
8 19.3 4.8 33 79.8 19.9 58 140.2 35.0 83 200.6 50.2
9 21.8 5.4 34 82.2 20.5 59 142.6 35.7 84 203.0 50.8
10 24.2 6.0 35 84.6 21.2 60 145.0 36.3 85 205.5 51.4
11 26.6 6.6 36 87.0 21.8 61 147.4 36.9 86 207.9 52.0
12 29.0 7.3 37 89.4 22.4 62 149.9 37.5 87 210.3 52.6
13 31.4 7.9 38 91.9 23.0 63 152.3 38.1 88 212.7 53.2
14 33.8 8.5 39 94.3 23.6 64 154.7 38.7 89 215.1 53.8
15 36.3 9.1 40 96.7 24.2 65 157.1 39.3 90 217.5 54.4
16 38.7 9.7 41 99.1 24.8 66 159.5 39.9 91 220.0 55.0
17 41.1 10.3 42 101.5 25.4 67 162.0 40.5 92 222.4 55.6
18 43.5 10.9 43 103.9 26.0 68 164.4 41.1 93 224.8 56.2
19 45.9 11.5 44 106.4 26.6 69 166.8 41.7 94 227.2 56.8
20 48.3 12.1 45 108.8 27.2 70 169.2 42.3 95 229.6 57.4
21 50.8 12.7 46 111.2 27.8 71 171.6 42.9 96 232.0 58.0
22 53.2 13.3 47 113.6 28.4 72 174.0 43.5 97 234.5 58.6
23 55.6 13.9 48 116.0 29.0 73 176.5 44.1 98 236.9 59.2
24 58.0 14.5 49 118.4 29.6 74 178.9 44.7 99 239.3 59.8
25 60.4 15.1 50 120.9 30.2 75 181.3 45.3

Sandcastle building (m)

Sandcastle building

Sandcastle building area, with four buildings in progress

Foreman George runs the sandcastle building, located in the north-western corner of the beach. Building the sandcastles rewards Construction experience. Players can build the corresponding tower to the current NPC guest to earn double experience. The NPC guest will spawn next to Foreman George and will change every 2.5 minutes.

Players will automatically stop shoveling when they tire out after 20 scoops of sand. For each scoop at the incorrect location with level 99 Construction, 36.7 Construction experience is awarded, and building the correct sandcastle doubles this to 73.4 Construction experience. One scoop takes 3 seconds. Scoops at the correct sandcastle cause the temperature to rise by 1/3 % and incorrect sandcastles by 0.2%, so 300 correct scoops or 500 incorrect ones can be made before reaching 100% temperature.

Each sandcastle model has four different states and players can work together to advance the states. One state requires a total of 250 scoops of sand.

The following table shows which sandcastle is the correct one to build for a guest.

Sandcastle NPC
Dominion Sandtower Ozan
Lumbridge Sandcastle Duke Horacio
Sand Exchange Sally the Grand Exchange clerk
Wizards' Sandtower Archmage Sedridor

The following table shows some typical values for Sandcastle Building at 99 Construction, assuming moderate efficiency in switching the spots and restarting the building.

Method Experience per gauge Time to fill the gauge Item drops per gauge
Building correct sandcastles 22,020 16.1 minutes 7
Staying at one sandcastle 19,660.7 21.4 minutes 11.5
Building incorrect sandcastles 18,350 26 minutes 20

Terrorbird racing

Terrorbird Racing (2016) map

The route for Terrorbird Racing

Terrorbird racing checkpoint

One of the Terrorbird racing checkpoints that players must pass through

Terrorbird Racing is an event that featured for the first time in the 2016 Summer Beach Party. In it, the players participate in a race across Misthalin which awards an amount of Agility experience dependent on how quickly the course is completed. There are global and world hiscores for race completion times that can be checked on the starting portal. The global hiscores may take some time to update.

Players may participate in Terrorbird Racing once an hour, during the first 30 minutes past the hour. Terrorbird Racing does not increase the temperature gauge and can thus be played even if the gauge is filled. To participate in the race players must have a terrorbird mount. Previously unlocked terrorbird mounts can be used, or a mount of random colour can be obtained from the crate of Terrorbird costumes near Xuan at the race's start point. However, the mount from the crate will be removed each day upon the daily reset.

The race route is indicated by arrow signs and gates (Terrorbird gate map icon) through which the player must pass. Teleporting and other means of getting around the course faster are permitted; all that counts is passing the gates. If the time runs out in the middle of the race, the race has failed and no experience is awarded. The experience that is rewarded is based on time:

Time Experience*
80–99 7,400
100–119 7,200
120–139 6,800
140–159 6,400
160–179 6,000
180–199 5,400
200–219 5,000
220+ 4,000

*The experience is halved below level 50 Agility.

Terrorbird Racing is never spotlighted.

The gates along the route can be found:

  1. At the start/finish line just north of the beach in the Lumbridge Crater.
  2. Between Lumbridge and the Kharidian Desert.
  3. North of the Kharidian Desert.
  4. Between the Kharidian Desert and Varrock.
  5. Below Varrock (south of the Varrock Lodestone).
  6. By the river Lum (west of the Champions' Guild).
  7. Above Draynor Village (east of the Draynor Lodestone).
  8. At the start/finish line just north of the beach in the Lumbridge Crater again.

Since experience is solely based on time, it is recommended to use teleports to clear the course as quick as possible. For the high scores, having other people place Prisms of Salvation along the route helps to shave off many seconds. Surging past the gates does not count as going through them since it is technically a teleport. The following technique should be used for the best possible times, with as many as possible Prisms of Salvation scattered along the route. (If you did not side with Saradomin in Battle of Lumbridge, the best times aren't possible.)

  1. Lumbridge teleport immediately after the first gate.
  2. Surge while running to the second gate, and between the gates until out of the desert.
  3. Quick-teleport to the Varrock lodestone and surge to the fifth gate.
  4. Immediately teleport to the Champions' Guild with combat bracelet.
  5. Run to the sixth gate.
  6. Quick-teleport to Draynor lodestone and pass the gate east of it.
  7. Teleport back to Lumbridge Crater using Saradominist token from Battle of Lumbridge and run past the final gate.

Weight training

Body building

The body building podia.

Body building interface

There are five body building podiums south of where Clawdia spawns; these podiums are run by two bodybuilders, Ivan and Greta. Participating in the activity gives Strength experience when doing one of the following four actions:

  • Curl
  • Lunge
  • Fly
  • Raise

There is a warning about gaining Strength experience that can be toggled off permanently. Players earn experience for each of the actions that they perform and quadruple experience can be gained by following the bodybuilders' demonstration. The correct action changes randomly; unlike at Sandcastle Building, the correct action can remain for a very short amount of time. At level 99 Strength, 19.8 Strength experience is gained for every incorrect action and 79.2 Strength experience for correct ones. After starting working out, the player continues to work out until leaving manually. Experience is gained in 2.4-second intervals. Each incorrect action grants 1/15 % temperature and correct ones 4/15 %.

The following table shows some typical values for Weight Training at 99 Strength, assuming moderate efficiency in switching the actions.

Method Experience per gauge Time to fill the gauge Item drops per gauge
Following the orders 29,700 16.4 minutes 19
Doing just one action 34.3 minutes 25.5
Disobeying the orders 51.6 minutes 39

While working out, the player occasionally says one of the following lines:

  • Feel the burn!
  • Oof!
  • Uuuh!
  • Weugh!

Happy Hour

Jagex moderators will sometimes host "Happy Hour", which makes every activity a spotlight plot, allows players to do the activities without the temperature gauge increasing and an increased chance to receive items.[1]

Because the temperature gauge is frozen, players can continue skilling even if they had previously capped both ice cream and temperature for the day.

Day Worlds
81 (F2P) and 82, 83 & 84 (P2P) (English) 118 and 55 (F2P) (French) 102 and 122 (F2P) (German) 47 (P2P) and 94 (F2P) (Portuguese)
  • 3PM–4PM (15:00–16:00) UTC
  • 10PM–11PM (22:00–23:00) UTC
  • 4:30PM–5:30PM (16:30–17:30) UTC
  • 4:30PM–5:30PM (16:30–17:30) UTC
  • 4:30PM–5:30PM (16:30–17:30) UTC
  • 8PM–9PM (20:00–21:00) UTC

Distraction and Diversion portals

D&D portals

The D&D portals with Shooting Star, Evil Tree, Big Chinchompa and Sinkholes active

The south-western corner features 7 Distraction and Diversion portals, which can be entered to teleport the player to the corresponding D&D. A lifeguard announces which D&D activities are active on the players world. A portal to Waiko was added during the 2016 beach party.

The portals featured include:

If the world's current shooting star is in the wilderness, players will be given a warning beforehand.


During the 2016 Summer Beach Party all items previously available during 2015 are re-obtainable. This includes previously released titles; reward items, including Solomon's General Store items; and cocktails.

The old reward tokens themselves are not re-obtainable from the vendors; instead players buy the past overrides directly with RuneCoins. Once all of the 2016 items have been unlocked the 2015 item tokens may be randomly be obtained while skilling on the beach.[2] The 2015 tokens obtained this way or kept from previous event are tradeable, but not via the Grand Exchange.

New rewards include:

Treasure map

Treasure Map (Summer Beach Party) (Incomplete) interface

The treasure map as shown in game.

Treasure map is a daily event, similar to the Christmas Advent Calendar event, where the player can claim a free item each day, running from 16 August to 11 September. Claiming 20 or more items will unlock the Shell Shield cosmetic override and water splash lootbeam.

A bond cost could be used to claim all of the rewards from the treasure map, costing 18,933,490.


Tokens may be earned as through skilling, from Clawdia, or purchased with RuneCoins from Flo's Fun Item Shop, Sheldon's Cosmetic Item Shop, or Gill's Pet Shop. Tokens can also be purchased on the Grand Exchange as they are all tradeable. The title [Name], Emperor/Empress of the Sandcastle is unlocked by redeeming all the tokens from the 2015 and 2016 events. Tokens which cannot be purchased from an NPC and non-token items are not required for the titles.

Reward Unlocks Bought from RuneCoins G.E price
Beachball orb token Beachball orb token* Beachball Orb Summer loot piñata N/A 4,519,059
Clawdia claws token Clawdia claws token* Clawdia Claws Summer loot piñata N/A 2,867,662
Ink shooter token Ink shooter token* Ink Shooter Summer loot piñata N/A 1,647,396
Seahorse follower pet token Seahorse follower pet token* Coraline Summer loot piñata N/A 23,017,320
Surfboard shield token Surfboard shield token* Surfboard Shield Summer loot piñata N/A 3,649,424
Clawdia wings token Clawdia wings token Clawdia Wings Sheldon 100 101,665
Conga eel whip token Conga eel whip token Conga Eel Whip Sheldon 33 11,895
Coral dagger token Coral dagger token Coral Dagger Sheldon 33 13,757
Coral sword token Coral sword token Coral Sword Sheldon 33 50,632
Ice lolly wand token Ice lolly wand token Ice Lolly Wand Sheldon 66 578,065
Shark fin token Shark fin token Shark Fin Sheldon 25 59,569
Water balloon launcher token Water balloon launcher token Water Balloon Launcher Sheldon 66 31,591
Duck ring token Duck ring token Duck Ring Flo 200 6,402,861
Hacky sack resting emote token Hacky sack resting emote token Hacky Sack Resting animation Flo 150 197,015
Lifeguard chair head token Lifeguard chair head token Lifeguard Chair Hat Flo 25 12,920
Sand dunk resting emote token Sand dunk resting emote token Sand Dunk Resting animation Flo 150 7,223
Pufferfish follower pet token Pufferfish follower pet token Gus Gill 100 2,791,493
Starfish follower pet token Starfish follower pet token Sandra Gill 100 1,977,500

*these tokens are not required for the title [Name], Emperor/Empress of the Sandcastle .


The following items can be earned from beach activities or killing Clawdia:

Item Description
Barrel of monkeys (Summer Beach Party) 5 × Barrel of monkeys Causes monkeys to come out of the barrel
Water balloons 50 × Water balloon Can be thrown at players, similar to snowballs
Anti-sun potion Anti-sun potion Gives a 5% experience boost to any activity done on the beach for the next 24 hours
Ice cream Ice cream Used to reset the temperature gauge, up to 3 times a day
Lemon sour Lemon sour Gives a 2% experience bonus (stackable to 10%) to all support skills (Agility, Dungeoneering, Slayer, and Thieving) for 30 minutes
Pink fizz Pink fizz Gives a 2% experience boost (stackable to 10%) to all combat skills (Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Prayer, Ranged, Strength, and Summoning) for 30 minutes
Pineappletini Pineappletini Gives a 2% experience bonus (stackable to 10%) to all gatherer skills (Divination, Farming, Fishing, Hunter, Mining, and Woodcutting) for 30 minutes
Purple Lumbridge Purple Lumbridge Gives a 2% experience bonus (stackable to 10%) to all artisan skills (Cooking, Construction, Crafting, Firemaking, Fletching, Herblore, Runecrafting, and Smithing) for 30 minutes
Challenge gem Challenge gem Allows players to start their own skilling or combat challenges
Large shell Large shell Chance to lower temperature condition by 0.5–1% for a number of times before a crab scuttles away with the shell

Rewards obtained through other means are:

Reward Unlock method
Swimming outfit 50 maxed thermometers (2015) or 100 maxed thermometers (2016)[notes 1]
Summer Fun outfit 50 maxed thermometers (2016)
Shadow Drake Ring Unlock all beach titles (2015 and 2016)
Deckchair Resting animation Sit in each colour deck chair (red, blue, and green) 10 times
Rainbow kite Speak with certain NPCs on the beach at least once (includes Nigel, Palmer, Reyna, Sarah, Wellington and Xuan)
Beach Towel Cape Rest 10 times on the beach with any beach rest animation enabled
  1. ^ Obtaining the swimming outfit in 2016 requires a total of 100 maxed thermometers; any thermometers filled during 2015 will count towards the total.


For a full list of Summer Beach Party titles, including the ones added in previous years, see Summer Beach Party#Titles

These titles are not purchasable; they are instead earned from doing certain things.

In order to unlock the 2015 titles, the 2016 titles must first be gained and then the 2015 titles can be gained after doing an additional amount required for the title. For example, a total of 61 thermometers[2] need to be maxed in 2016 to gain the 2015 title 'the Bronzed'.

The Shadow Drake Ring override is obtained once all titles (from this year and the previous year) have been unlocked.

Title Requirement
[Name] the Feathered Complete the terrorbird race 10 times
[Name] the Beachy Keen Successfully catch 5 ducks in a row in the Hook-a-duck game
[Name] the Sunkissed Listen to a large shell 10 times
[Name] the Sun-sational Participate in all of the activities from 2015 and 2016
[Name], Emperor/Empress of the Sandcastle Unlock all of the beach tokens from 2015 and 2016


Music unlocked


  1. ^ Mod Shauny. The Beach - Happy Hour Schedule!. 17 August 2016.*
  2. ^ a b "the Bronzed" title.*
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