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Spirit (Summer Bonde) chathead
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Summer Bonde chathead

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Summer Bonde is the apparition of a young girl that was part of a family of farmers who were murdered several hundred years ago during the Bonde Farm Massacre. Their souls were taken by the Spirit Beast, which feeds off them in its realm, weakening the trapped spirits, while it grows stronger.

The player first meets Summer in the quest Spirit of Summer, where they are tasked with restoring Summer's spirit by feeding her, dressing her, and finding her lost toy. These actions allow her to open up about what happened regarding her family's murder. The Spirit Beast is trapped with the help of Summoning familiars, and her reward is her mother Jennica Bonde's ring, although the beast then escapes.

Summer Bonde is met again in Summer's End, in which the player has to lure the beast and defeat it for the final time. After defeating the beast, she will upgrade the ring she gave at the end of Spirit of Summer, and passes away into the afterlife, as she couldn't before due to the spirit beast's presence.




  • The word "bonde" means farmer or peasant in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.
  • Summer can be spoke to in the end of Summer's End quest without the Amulet of Ghostspeak because her spirit was released when the player killed the Spirit Beast with the help of her father and his friends.
  • When a player is standing on a free server/world, she will appear at the entrance to the Wilderness; she will be named as "Spirit". When spoken to with ghostspeak amulet, she says "Member's world...".
  • Her NPC model has pupils in her eyes while her chathead does not.
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