This article is about the piñata released in Summer 2018. For the piñata released in Summer 2016, see Summer loot piñata.
This article is about the item. For the Treasure Hunter promotion, see Summer Piñatas.
Summer piñata detail

A summer piñata is a reward from Treasure Hunter during the similarly named promotion Summer Pinatas. Like other piñatas, when defeated, the user gets a summer piñata loot bag (2018) and other contributors get some token rewards.

After being deployed, it has level 1 combat and its life points vary according to attacking players; with one player attacking it has 90 life points. Damage per hit against piñatas is capped at 10. Players will not gain any experience from looting their own piñata or other players' piñata.

Possible rewards

Looting one's own piñata will give the player a loot bag. If the player loot other people's piñatas, they will receive one of the rewards listed below, up to the daily limit of 5. Only limited amount of people can receive items from a single piñata. Attacking another player's piñata will give the loot directly instead of in a loot bag.

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Caramel cupCaramel cup1VariesNot sold
Coins 1000Coins5,000Varies5,000
Hazelnut pralineHazelnut praline1VariesNot sold
Almond toffeeAlmond toffee1VariesNot sold
Prismatic small fallen starPrismatic small fallen star1VariesNot sold
Royal battleship kitRoyal battleship kit1VariesNot sold
Small prismatic lampSmall prismatic lamp1VariesNot sold
Spirit rubySpirit ruby1VariesNot sold
Spirit emeraldSpirit emerald1VariesNot sold
Toy mouse (wound)Toy mouse (wound)1VariesNot sold
Uncut rubyUncut ruby(noted)Varies9,210
Small dungeoneering token boxSmall dungeoneering token box1VariesNot sold
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