Summer sweepstake 2016 ticket detail

The summer sweepstake 2016 ticket is an item that can be handed to Balthazar Beauregard in Burthorpe to enter the Summer Sweepstake. They can be claimed monthly between 1 June and 30 September 2016 from the Summer of Adventure interface.

Having consecutive active membership during these months increases the gained tickets by one per month, so that in September a maximum of four tickets can be claimed. An extra ticket could be claimed from Diango or Ianto by redeeming the code "SummerOfAdventure", obtained from entering a separate competition.

One Small XP lamp is received per ticket handed in.


  • These were initially to be tradable. This was changed (before release) after it was realised that it would effectively be possible to trade buyable experience lamps between players.[1]
  • Until 2 June 2016, Balthazar still said, "You can also trade your tickets with other players if you don't want to use them yourself."


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