This article is about Summoning obelisks scattered around Gielinor. For the obelisk in a player-owned house, see Small obelisk (POH).
Using a Summoning obelisk

Summoning obelisks are used in the Summoning skill to restore summoning points. In addition, a charged obelisk will also create pouches and scrolls.

Summoning obelisks can heal familiars if they are damaged. This is useful after fights with for instance Araxxor/Araxxi where familiars can take damage, which the tribute stone near Falador cannot do.


Charged Summoning obelisks

Obelisk location Summoning shop Banking methods
In Pikkupstix's house in Taverley Pikkupstix's house North-east Taverley, to the north of the Pet Shop; Imperial Guard Quartermaster to the north-west.
Guarded by ogres in Gu'Tanoth Bogrog's shop Yanille
Mort Myre, Nature Grotto Wishing well Burgh De Rott
On the coast northwest of Brimhaven None

TzHaar city.
Shilo Village, using the cart.
Ardougne south bank (run time 47 seconds with Ring of Charos(a)).
House teleport in Brimhaven, and teleport to the bank.
Fairy ring to Fisher Realm, blow the magic whistle, return to Zanaris bank

Kharidian Desert, in a cave south west of Pollnivneach None Sophanem, although Nardah can be faster.
Well of Voyage in western Underground Pass (dungeon) None Lletya
Just south-west of the entrance to Piscatoris Fishing Colony None Piscatoris Fishing Colony (run time 28 seconds) or Fairy ring

Using the Spirit Kyatt teleport in conjunction with a Tokkul-Zo or Ring of Duelling to bank (by far the fastest technique)

Prifddinas Amlodd district Lord Amlodd's Summoning Shop Tokkul-Zo to bank at the Fight Caves and use the fairy ring nearby. Code DJS to return to the obelisk.
The Ithell bank chest.
Menaphos Merchant district, just north of the Lamp stall. None Run north from the bank/Grand Exchange or north-east from the Merchant district bank chest.

Small obelisks

Small Summoning obelisk recharge

A player using a small obelisk to recharge his Summoning.

These partially charged small obelisks (labelled Mini Obelisk on the World map Key List) can only recharge Summoning points. An icon shaped like an obelisk (silver and brown triangle) will appear on the minimap to mark the location of a small obelisk. They are used to access the Familiarisation Distraction and Diversion.


Grand total: 61 small obelisks

Ape Atoll

Total: 1

  • RuneScape surface
    • Most Southeastern building in Marim


Total: 7

Dwarven Realm

Total: 2

Fremennik Province

Total: 5


Total: 5

Kharidian Desert

Total: 8



A typical small obelisk found near the Slayer Tower.

Total: 10

Miscellania and Etceteria

Total: 1


Total: 5


Total: 3


Total: 3

Troll Country

Total: 1

Feldip Hills

Total: 3

Mos Le'Harmless

Total: 1


Total: 2


Total: 1

Polypore Dungeon

Total: 3

  • One on each section of the bottom floor.


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