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Sunken Pyramid
Sunken Pyramid.jpg
Release date 5 June 2017 (Update)
Kingdom Kharidian Desert
Members Yes
Main music None
Levels Any
Strongest monster Varies (depending on owner)
Dwarf multicannon allowed No
Quests taking place here None
Inhabitants Slayer monsters
Sunken Pyramid map.png

The Sunken Pyramid is a dungeon home to The Order of the Slayer Masters, allowing players to become a slayer master. To enter the dungeon, players are required to have 99 Slayer. Players should bring a ghostspeak amulet or cramulet in order to speak to Faiza, but these items are not required if the player has completed the hard Morytania achievements. The ushabti can be placed in either the Chest of Souls or in a room of the player-owned Slayer dungeon, which counts as registering the monster(s) in the Slayer codex. Placing the ushabti in the Chest of Souls will not add the monster to a room.

If the player dies inside the pyramid, their grave will appear outside the entrance, where Portmaster Kags is.

Getting there

To travel to the pyramid, players may take a boat from Menaphos by speaking to Portmaster Kags on the south-western dock in the Ports district.

Players can also teleport there using the Slayer codex if they have captured at least 50 different monster souls.


Chest of Souls

There is a Chest of Souls inside the pyramid that when clicked, makes a ghost named Faiza appear. She will inform players that they can become their own slayer master by capturing the soul of slayer monsters, and will provide them with 25-50 ushabti (the player's Slayer level determines the amount given), along with a Slayer codex to keep track of slayer monsters that the player has captured.

Souls can be captured off or on a task. The chance of obtaining a soul doubles when killing the monster on a slayer task (or when a player is at level 120 Slayer, it does not stack with the on-task bonus). There are a total of 151 monster souls that need to be captured. Players must have an empty ushabti to be able to capture souls from slayer monsters. Players are not required to possess or equip the Slayer Codex in order to capture souls. Capturing a soul rewards a small amount of slayer experience. Souls are automatically captured if eligible when the monster is killed. Monsters killed in the Sunken Pyramid cannot fill an ushabti.

In order to capture all 151 souls, players will need to have 117 Slayer (in addition to other requirements; refer to the monsters' page for other requirements). Although the slayer requirement can be boosted at 111 Slayer via use of wilder pie, players relying on the boost method need to contemplate using many of them, as it can take them a lot of kills for the desired soul.

If a player clicks on the Chest of Souls with any number of filled ushabti in their inventory, all filled ushabti will be added to the Chest and cannot be recovered. Players wishing to add filled ushabti to their slayer dungeon must place them inside of the empty chambers.

Slayer Dungeon

Players can also choose to place the ushabtis in the empty chambers past the Chest of Souls.

There are three chambers that can house monsters, with each chamber holding up to 5 monsters. Build spots and rooms accommodate either large or small monsters. The south-eastern room holds small monsters. The two northern rooms hold both large and small monsters.

To place a monster spawn, enter building mode from the front door of the Sunken Pyramid and then use the filled ushabti on one of the hotspots provided, similar to training Construction in a player-owned house. Once confirmed, the monster will be placed, and will remain unless later removed by the player. Slayer XP will be awarded for placing the ushabti and counts towards the Slayer Codex completion.

Monsters can be removed and will then disappear. Once placed, a monster cannot be moved from one area to another.

A unique function of the slayer dungeon is that monsters may occasionally respawn instantly upon death. Players may customize the dungeon to fit their needs, which can be better than the locations where the monsters are found. Such examples include capsarii for ascension keystone farming or manifest shadows for massive slayer experience.

Much like the player-owned house, players (with 99 Slayer) can visit other players' dungeons, provided that they have a monster in them. The owner does not have to be in the dungeon in order for others to enter; players can enter another's slayer dungeon as long as they are on the same world and have the appropriate friend settings on. Ironman accounts cannot enter another player's dungeon.

Exceptions & restrictions

Some monsters cannot be placed in the dungeon. This includes wall beasts, acheron mammoths and wyverns, due to their environment mechanics, as well as lava strykewyrms. Other monsters can be placed, but will have certain restrictions, such as edimmu, desert, ice, and jungle strykewyrms, which can be placed in the dungeon, but can only be killed if assigned as a task. Gemstone dragons will still require payment fees if not being killed on a task. Corrupted creatures and Soul devourers still require Feather of Ma'at in order to be killed.

Some monsters that are normally aggressive in their original habitat, such as edimmu, are not within the dungeon. Ripper Demons retain their usual behaviour.

The special attacks of the Kal'gerion demons will not trigger despite using their special attack animation.

Placing automaton, muspah or nihil in the dungeon will randomly generate a variant of that monster. For example, placing an automaton soul can generate a guardian, generator or tracer. Kalphite or exiled kalphite will both generate a random kalphite. Exiled kalphite are not spawned. Spiritual mages, rangers, and warriors will spawn aligned to a random god.

Ascension members' souls are still the same as usual, but one obtained from the Legiones causes a random member to spawn in its place. Scutarius souls can occasionally glitch and generate random members.

When adding any variants of the dragons' souls, only the regular adult soul will come out in the Sunken Pyramid. For example, players are unable to get baby blue, red, or black dragons in the personal Slayer dungeon even if they originally got the dragon soul from the baby dragon.

When adding any elf souls, only the Lletya version of the elves will appear in the Sunken Pyramid.


Souls captured Reward
10 New mural in dungeon lobby.
20 1% extra slayer experience when wearing a slayer helmet.
30 New mural in dungeon lobby.
40 2% extra slayer experience when wearing a slayer helmet.
50 New mural in dungeon lobby and ability to teleport to the pyramid via the Slayer Codex.
60 3% extra slayer experience when wearing a slayer helmet.
70 New mural in dungeon lobby.
80 4% extra slayer experience when wearing a slayer helmet.
90 New mural in dungeon lobby.
100 5% extra slayer experience when wearing a slayer helmet.
110 New mural in dungeon lobby and master quest cape requirement completed.
151 Golden Slayer Master title[1] and trimmed completionist cape requirement completed.
  1. ^ Provided the Red Slayer Master title from Rush of Blood is unlocked.



  • The pyramid was first mentioned at RuneFest 2016.
  • Logging out in the dungeon lobby will place players outside the Sunken Pyramid.
  • Opening the door to the pyramid for the first time prompts the message: "You push at the door. At your touch, it opens and a hiss of air that smells hundreds of years old seeps out."