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Superheat Item
Superheat Item icon.png
Release date 24 May 2001 (Update)
Members No
Level 43
Spellbook Normal
Type Skilling
Experience 53
Runes 1Nature4Fire
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Superheat Item is a non-combat Magic spell used to smelt ore without a furnace. It can be used by both free and member players. It takes four fire runes and one nature rune to cast. Fire runes are not needed if wielding a fire, lava, or steam staff. Casting this spell creates only one bar, and cannot be cast upon noted ores. The ore amount required is the same as if you were smelting the bar in a furnace. 53 experience is rewarded in the Magic skill, and the normal Smithing experience is rewarded as if you were smithing the bar in a furnace.

The same Smithing level is required to superheat ore as the level required when smelting in a furnace. For example, your Smithing level must be 50 if you wish to superheat the ore for a mithril bar, and to superheat ore for a rune bar, your Smithing level must be 85.

Smelting a bar that requires coal is a little different, for you cannot click on the coal itself, but instead you must click on the primary ore for the bar that you wish to create. For example, to smelt a mithril bar, you must click on a mithril ore in your inventory in order to superheat a mithril bar. Furthermore Superheat Item guarantees a one-hundred percent success when smelting iron ore into an iron bar, whereas when smelting with a furnace only yields a fifty-to-eighty percent success rate.

Superheat Item cannot be used to make jewellery or cannonballs, but does allow one to create gold bars as well as silver bars and any other metal bar. Please note that to get the full 56.2 Smithing experience per gold ore you must be wearing goldsmithing gauntlets.

Casting at mines

Superheat item is sometimes used when mining coal and either iron, mithril, or adamantite, as it can free up inventory space by using up coal to create bars. If you plan to mine the coal as well as the metal that goes into the bars, and your mining site has both coal and the relevant metal, the timesavings could be considerable. An almost full inventory of bars could be made in one trip rather than requiring one trip for an inventory of ore and several loads more for the coal to smelt it with. Eventually, a near-full inventory of bars can be banked. This method is particularly effective when used in conjunction with a coal bag, allowing you to carry up to 81 pieces of coal in a single inventory slot, and therefore more room for bars.

Players also sometimes mine gold at the Living Rock Caverns and superheat it while mining.

Other factors to be considered for any ore is weight and running. The bars weigh slightly less than the ore, so you can run for longer. But you can carry 2 fewer bars to the bank (fire/nature rune(s)). This is mitigated to 1 fewer if the player wields a Staff of fire, assuming the player carries their pick on their tool belt in both cases.

Another possibility is to cast at the Coal truck mining site. Example using mithril: Instead of 5 to 7 trips to empty the coal trucks in the Seers' Village Bank, you can take 23 mithril orenature runes and an equipped fire staff or better and leave 4 slots open. Repeatedly fill the slots from the coal trucks and cast Superheat Item. In this way only two trips to the bank are required for mithril.

One benefit of Superheat item is that when it is used to smelt iron bars it has a 100% success rate (instead of 50%-80%). 

Three-skill training

Using Superheat item, players can quickly train three skills (mining, smithing and magic). The lowest recommended type of ores to use is iron, however greater profit and experience gain rates may be possible with higher level bars, such as mithril, adamant, and rune, though this requires coal as well as the base ore to be mined. The player should equip a fire staff to cast superheat item cheaply and efficiently, requiring only nature runes in the inventory. The player should also equip the highest level pickaxe that they can use, or add it to their tool belt, so that the pick does not take up an inventory space.

First the player should find a mining site with all the desired ores, and an anvil nearby. The player then can mine a full inventory of ore and turn it into bars using Superheat item. Next, the player should use the nearby anvil to smith all of the bars into a stackable item, such as bolt tips, arrowheads, nails, or dart tips. Choosing to smith non-stackable items like swords or helms forces the player to either drop the items, which yields faster experience, but is not recommended especially for higher level items due to the cost, or banking the items, which can be profitable but yields much slower experience rates. Alternatively, the player may also wish to use the high level alchemy spell after smithing the bars for more magic experience, though this also reduces the speed of the mining and smithing experience gain.

A coal bag can also be used in the Three-skill training method, and is recommended for superheating any bars requiring coal, as the player can fill the bag as they mine coal, thereby spending more time mining coal and less time waiting for base ores with a longer respawn time such as adamantite and runite to return. When superheating, coal from the coal bag will automatically be used first to create the bars. Using this method allows the player to mine for longer amounts of time before switching to superheating, which may be more efficient for some players.

Casting at a bank

Superheat item can be useful to cast at a bank to train Magic and Smithing. Ores are repeatedly withdrawn, superheated, then the bars banked.

Superheat item can be cast 1 per 2 game ticks (1.2 seconds), which is much faster than High Level Alchemy, which takes 5 game ticks (3.0 seconds) per cast. Although High Level Alchemy gives more Magic experience per cast, it is possible to gain more Magic experience per hour superheating iron or gold than by high alching.

Superheating at a bank, it is possible to use Superheat Item to smelt approximately 2500 iron bars per hour, 2500 gold bars per hour, 1600 mithril, adamant or rune bars per hour. 2500 gold bars per hour would be 132k magic experience and 56k smithing experience(140K if wearing gauntlets). Rates are subject to change from person to person.

Using the coal bag is useful when casting at a bank, as it has a right click "fill" option that can be used while in the bank interface. With the coal bag in inventory, and the bank interface still open, using the fill option will automatically withdraw coal from the bank directly into the bag without the need to first withdraw the coal from bank to inventory, fill, and reopen the bank.

Some players consider superheating at a bank to be too expensive due to the cost of the nature runes, while other players consider the cost to be worth the fast experience in two skills. However the need to stay at a bank to superheat may attract players to cast High Level Alchemy.

Costs of making bars

See also:Superheat Item Calculator

The data in this table is based on the current Grand Exchange prices. It is accurate assuming all the ore and nature runes are bought from the Grand Exchange and the bar is sold afterwards. However, profit can be made by several ores if you mine them yourself, make bank runs, and then superheat all of them at once at the GE. That way you can sell the bars as you go if you choose and use part of the money to buy new nature runes (you should already have a staff of fire equipped).

To reduce the cost per XP for both smithing and magic while using gold, one may consider crafting the gold bars into gold bracelets. Not only does this reduce the cost of superheating gold significantly, but one also receives a fair chunk of crafting experience, especially if superheating in low amounts.

Type of bar Material cost Profit Profit / Magic xp Profit / Smithing xp
Bronze 858 71 1.34 11.36
Iron 854 199 3.75 15.92
Steel 1,078 -119 -2.25 -6.8
Silver 543 31 0.58 1.38
Gold 992 176 3.32 7.82
(with gauntlets)
992 176 3.32 3.13
Mithril 1,050 -368 -6.94 -12.27
Adamant 1,304 457 8.62 12.19
Rune 2,720 265 5 5.3


Don't forget to wield a staff of fire, or other staff that provides unlimited fire runes such as a fire battlestaff, mystic fire staff, lava battlestaff or steam battlestaff.

Adding Superheat Item to an action bar slot can speed up the process greatly, especially when using a keybind to access the action bar.

When using the action bar, repeatedly casting the spell on the last ore in the inventory (most bottom-right slot) will start creating bars from the top, so you will not need to move your cursor to each ore individually, saving some time.

Use a quiet bank, where there are few other players around, as this can decrease the load on the game engine, thereby reducing lag and fewer errors while casting (ie, clicking to cast the spell without it actually casting).

When using the coal bag, fill the coal bag from the bank interface (using right-click . Then, you can first "Withdraw-X" the quantity of ore from the list below, and simply "Withdraw-All" or "Withdraw-All but one" to fill the rest of your inventory with coal. This will allow for the maximum number of bars made per inventory. (Alternatively, set up a bank preset to withdraw the correct amount of ores and coal. You will still need to manually fill the coal bag, however, so using a preset may or may not save much time.)


A player failing to cast Superheat Item, a result of the spell being attempted on a non-ore item

  • A graphical glitch may occur when using this spell multiple times in a row or if you cast it again before you have finished the first cast in which the animation occurs, without the player moving their arms. This glitch is prevalent in many other manually operated, repeatable spells including High level alchemy and jewellery enchants.
  • The name Superheat Item is a misnomer because in physics, superheating is the phenomenon in which a liquid is heated to a temperature higher than its boiling point, without boiling. Technically smelting an ore into a refined form does not superheat the item.
  • When you cast Superheat Item on iron ore while you have two coal in your inventory, it will only produce a steel bar, NOT an iron bar. However, if you only have an iron ore in your inventory, it will automatically produce an Iron bar.
  • One can (almost) double the amount of bars made per inventory by using the coal bag (a reward from Dungeoneering bought for 4,000 tokens at Daemonheim).
  • Casting the spell while mining will not interrupt the process of mining.
  • In the past players could take advantage of this spell to turn their ores into bars faster by casting it while smelting them at a furnace at the same time. This no longer works, as it interrupts the smelting process, thus negating any benefit.
  • Players who have earned the Explorer's ring 4 can use this spell for free 27 times each day.
  • Attempting to cast Superheat item on a non-ore object will result in the message You need to cast superheat item on ore.
  • If you try this spell on an Elemental ore, then it will result in the message Even this spell is not hot enough to heat this item.