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Supply cache detail

Supply caches are a reward from the Port Sarim Invasion. They can be obtained by converting 200 tokens per supply cache. They can be opened for various rewards.

Possible rewards

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Small Agility lampSmall Agility lamp1CommonNot sold
Small Construction lampSmall Construction lamp1CommonNot sold
Small Divination lampSmall Divination lamp1CommonNot sold
Small Dungeoneering lampSmall Dungeoneering lamp1CommonNot sold
Small Fishing lampSmall Fishing lamp1CommonNot sold
Small Hunter lampSmall Hunter lamp1CommonNot sold
Small Prayer lampSmall Prayer lamp1CommonNot sold
Small Runecrafting lampSmall Runecrafting lamp1CommonNot sold
Small Cooking lampSmall Cooking lamp1CommonNot sold
Small Herblore lampSmall Herblore lamp1CommonNot sold
Small Slayer lampSmall Slayer lamp1CommonNot sold
Small Thieving lampSmall Thieving lamp1CommonNot sold
Conch shell (Port Sarim Invasion)Conch shell (Port Sarim Invasion)1Varies[1]Not sold
Skulls capeSkulls cape1Common[2]Not sold
Oar!Oar!1Common[2]Not sold
Cannonball!Cannonball!1Common[2]Not sold
Voyage reroll tokenVoyage reroll token1UncommonNot sold
Captain reroll tokenCaptain reroll token1UncommonNot sold
Crew reroll tokenCrew reroll token1UncommonNot sold
Resource packResource pack1CommonNot sold
  1. ^ Only from the first set of 200 tokens
  2. ^ a b c Cosmetic override, unlocked once.
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