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This is a safe Distraction and Diversion.
If you die, you will not lose any of your items.
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A supply run is a safe PvP Distraction and Diversion on Mazcab where players attempt to bring goebie supplies from Kanatah to Otot. Supply runs occur every 12 hours on every world (approximately 00:05 and 12:05 game time). After 20 minutes, the supply run will end with PvP turning off and with any carried supplies disappearing. The adventurer may deliver up to 10 goebie supplies daily. There are only 250 supplies in the rock, meaning that up to 25 players can take maximum supplies. Ironmen cannot participate in supply runs.

The supply runs can be started by taking goebie supplies from the supply rock by Querci in Kanatah. Doing so results in the player being marked with a red skull and prompts the message: You are now flagged for safe PvP. It is then required to travel through the Nemi Forest to deliver the supplies to Quercy in Otot, resulting in the message of: You've successfully handed in all you can for today. PvP has been toggled off.. The player is marked for safe PvP for the whole journey. When a player dies, they will only lose their goebie supplies. While players are marked, they are not able to use Mazcab guides to travel faster. Killing other players will make them drop the loot to the ground, but it can only be picked up if you have less than 10 supplies either in inventory or handed in so far.

The starting location of the supply run


After delivering the Goebie supplies to Quercy in Otot, she will offer the player a choice for the experience reward between two skills. The skills chosen vary across worlds and are randomly given as one of the following:

As of the updates on 19 October 2015, carried goebie supplies disappear when logging out, entering the lobby, or hopping worlds, preventing players from switching worlds to find their preference in offered skills.

is given for supplies handed in, where is your skill's level.

template = Template:Wilderness Warbands calc
form = ppf
result = ppr
param = 1|Number of supplies|1|int|1-75
param = 2|Skill level|1|int|1-99
Supply run Calculator
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49.5 experience


  • Assuming players hand in 10 Skill supplies, it would take a player participation in 365 supply runs (a minimum of 1 year) to go from level 1 to level 99 in a skill. It would take a player participation in 4219 fully looted supply runs (a minimum of 11.55 years) to go from level 1 to 200 million experience in a skill. However, as it is a long time span for 200 million, players should use the D&D as a complementary method when looking for it.
  • Supply runs are similar to the dangerous PvP Distractions and Diversion, Wilderness Warbands, which led to many nicknaming the activity "Goebiebands".
  • Unlike the Wilderness Warbands which are managed by raid attempts, supply runs are not. This means that if a player dies, they may try getting supplies again whilst the D&D is active.