Supreme jack of trades aura detail

Supreme jack of trades is a tier four aura available as part of the Members Loyalty Programme and can be purchased from Xuan in Burthorpe and Varrock for 60,000 Membership Loyalty Points.

It is capable of being activated for three hours and recharges at 00:00 UTC. Like all the other auras, it is depleted if the player unequips it after activating it. Also, as with all auras, if the account using it is logged out while the aura is activated, the timer continues to run out.

To claim the reward, you must either wait for the full 3 hours to run out or unequip the aura after gaining exp in 20 skills. You may determine if you have gathered experience in a sufficient number of skills while the aura is still equipped by clicking on the "Aura time remaining" option in the Worn Equipment interface. Since 11 April 2012 a message appears in chat after reaching experience in the last necessary skill. The message reappears if you log out then back in.

If you destroy this aura for whatever reason, when you reclaim it back from Xuan, the timer will be completely reset, meaning you have to wait until the next day, before you can actually activate and use it.

Until you claim your reward, any experience gained in addition to that needed to earn a reward in the first place will not count towards a further reward.

Any amount of experience in any skill, even 1 point, is all that is necessary for that skill (combat or non-combat) to count as completing one of the skills needed to obtain the reward. Experience rewards, however, such as Penguin Points, will NOT count towards the skills.

When the aura depletes, talk to Xuan to receive a reward book. The aura must be depleted to get the reward. If the three hours is not up and the experience in skills has been received (check time remaining to see progress and also to see how many skills in which experience has been gained in during the active period), simply unequip the aura to deplete it.

Attempting to activate the aura while in possession of a reward book fails with the message:

You must claim and use your reward from the Jack of Trades aura before you can receive another.

The experience reward is

$ \tfrac{5}{2}\left(x^2-2x+100\right) $,

where x is the level of the skill on which you use the reward.

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 result = jotr
 param = type|Jack of trade|Supreme|select|Normal,Master,Supreme
 param = level|Skill Level|1|int|1-120
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Combat Stats
RequirementsAura equipped
NoneAura slot
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses

Tiers and information

Before a higher tier can be bought, previous tiers must also be bought. For the total cost, a player must also keep the cumulative cost in mind. See the table below for more information.

Tier Loyalty point cost Skills XP at 99
Individual Cumulative
2 Jack of trades aura Jack of trades aura 15,000 15,000 10 14,554.5
3 Master jack of trades aura Master jack of trades aura 30,000 45,000 15 19,406
4 Supreme jack of trades aura Supreme jack of trades aura 60,000 105,000 20 24,257.5
5 Legendary jack of trades aura Legendary jack of trades aura 120,000 225,000 25 29,109


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