Supreme overload potion detail

The supreme overload potion is a six-dose combination potion that can be made at level 98 Herblore after buying the recipe for 900,000 coins from Lady Meilyr. It is made by combining an overload (4) with super attack (4), super defence (4), super strength (4), super ranging potion (4) and super magic potion (4), in a crystal flask. This gives 600 experience.

A dose of supreme overload is a slightly better version of regular overload - it boosts the five combat skills by 16% + 4, rather than 15% + 3. Assuming level 99 in the relevant skills, this is a boost of +2 over a regular Overload. Each dose lasts 6 minutes, for a total of 36 minutes per flask. Much like a normal overload, the combat skill boosts will reapply every 15 seconds.

A supreme overload (6) is one of the ingredients used to create a Supreme overload salve.


Supreme overload potion (6) Supreme overload potion (6)
Herblore-Make-X GE icon
600 XP--
Herblore Herblore level98
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Overload (4)Overload (4)167,12767,127
Super attack (4)Super attack (4)14,6014,601
Super defence (4)Super defence (4)17,8157,815
Super strength (4)Super strength (4)110,17510,175
Super ranging potion (4)Super ranging potion (4)112,86112,861
Super magic potion (4)Super magic potion (4)17,5757,575
Crystal flaskCrystal flask11,0531,053
Total price111,207


Given that the supreme overload potion is 6 doses, it always pays to make these potions if the total cost is less than twice that of a 3 dose overload (Overload (3) = 50,348), or less than 1.5 times a 4 dose overload. Given the extra effects it may also pay to make them if they are more expensive than that, the exact ratio depending on personal circumstances.


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