Supreme reward book detail

The supreme reward book is a gift from Xuan once you have completed the Supreme jack of trades aura's regular skilling. Once the aura depletes on its own or the owner removes the aura after he has trained in 20 different skills, they may get the book, but will not be able to receive another book until they use the first one.

This book works similar to an XP Lamp or Penguin Points in the sense that players specify a single skill in which to receive their bonus. The formula for the experience gained is $ y = {5 \over 2}\left(x^2-2x+100\right) $ where y = Experience earned. It gives 100% more experience than the reward book from the regular jack of trades.

 template = Template:Jack of trades calc
 form = jotf
 result = jotr
 param = type|Jack of trade|Supreme|select|Normal,Master,Supreme,Legendary
 param = level|Skill Level|1|int|1-120
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