This article is about the ability. For the spell group, see Surge spells.
Release date 20 November 2012 (Update)
Members No
Skill Magic
Level 30
Type Basic
Adrenaline +8%
Equipment Any
Cooldown 20 seconds
Instantly teleport up to 10 meters in a straight line ahead.
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Surge is a basic magic ability. The only requirement is level 30 Magic. When activated the player teleports 10 game squares ahead in a straight line, including diagonally. This is useful outside of combat whenever travelling a large distance on foot. It is possible to teleport through certain walls or barriers if you are standing diagonally, provided that there is a legitimate path to get there without the Surge ability in the first place. Thus, you cannot use this to get to places that you couldn't get to in the first place, such as behind the counters in banks.

Surge shares its cooldown timer with Escape. During the RuneScape Developer Q&A on 3 October 2017, it was stated that Surge would be updated sometime later in the month, now allowing Surge to be castable off the global cooldown but no adrenaline will be gained.

This move can be useful in PvP for helping you run away from a fight to survive. Also, this ability has an effect of cancelling out Assault (when it is used against you) in PvP.

The Mobile perk will halve its cooldown, but at the cost of gaining no adrenaline.

If a player has auto-retaliate turned on and use Surge via a customised keybind, he/she will be unable to retaliate until he/she selects a target to attack manually. Using Surge via a mouse click on the action bar will not interrupt retaliation and player may move towards enemy attacking him/her. Putting Surge on active action bar will not trigger this ability at all.

Surge is activated automatically through Revolution under normal circumstances.


Surge cannot be used in the following areas:

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