This article is about the spell type. For the Combat ability, please see Surge

Air Surge

A player casting Air Surge.

Surge spells are the strongest elemental group of magic combat spells in the standard spellbook. Elemental staves can be used to cut the costs of these spells. These are members only spells.

When wielding a tier 90 weapon, all surge spells will deal the same damage. The only possible benefit to switching to a different element of a surge spell at this level is exploiting an enemy's weakness to a particular element (such as the weakness of TzHaar to water spells). Since player warriors are not weak to specific elements, but rather all magic in general, it may be unwise to use any surge spell other than Air Surge in PvP due to rune costs.

Spell Requirement Runes Base Damage Max Damage Cost
Air Surge icon Air Surge Magic 81 5Air rune 777 864 450 coins
Water Surge icon Water Surge Magic 85 5Water rune5Air rune 816 864 575 coins
Earth Surge icon Earth Surge Magic 90 5Earth rune5Air rune 864 864 540 coins
Fire Surge icon Fire Surge Magic 95 5Fire rune5Air rune 864 864 1,245 coins


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