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Surprise Exam was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Surprise exam overview

The Surprise Exam random event

Surprise Exam was a random event that was released in Game Improvements, 17 July 2007[1] and removed in Halloween 2012: Haunted Houses, 24 October 2012. The Mysterious Old Man teleported players into the classroom. The event had a school theme because it was released at the start of the summer holidays in England. When it was released, Jagex described the random event with the quote: "Just when you thought school was out...SURPRISE! It's an exam for you!"

Question types

What comes next

What comes next?

Mordauts Question1

A "select three" question

The player had to answer three questions from Mr. Mordaut, a red dragon who was the "teacher" in the "classroom" of several non-attackable monsters. Each of the questions were chosen randomly from one of two types.

In the first type of question, players were presented with a set of three items, and they had to choose a fourth item that matched the theme of the other three.

In the second type, fifteen random items and a clue were given to the player, and the player had to choose exactly three items that related to the clue. If players answered questions incorrectly six times, they would be teleported to a different location upon leaving the room.

After answering three questions correctly, Mr. Mordaut would tell the player to leave through one of the four doors throughout the classroom. If the player attempted to exit through a wrong door, he or she would be prompted to "ask for directions". If the player chose the correct door, they would be teleported to the location they were at prior to receiving the event.


Players were then given a Random event gift as a reward upon returning to their location prior to the event. However, players could only possess one gift at a time; if a player already had a gift in their inventory, 500 coins were given instead.

List of creatures in the classroom


A view of the students


Music tracks unlocked:


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Exam complete!
  • The blackboard in the back of the class room had the examine text: "A well-used blackboard." The blackboard appeared to have a game of hangman on it.
  • You could see the rendering area of player-owned houses by standing at the north part of the exam room.
  • There was a swinging rocking unicorn in the classroom. Its examine text was: "Perpetual motion at work." Perpetual motion does not exist in the real world, and neither do horses in RuneScape.
  • There was a non-attackable rat in this event that ran in a wheel. It's examine text was: "Their idea of a class pet."


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