The Survival expert, also known as Brynna, is the second non-player character players meet on Tutorial Island. She teaches players about Woodcutting, Fishing, Firemaking, and Cooking.

When Tutorial Island sank, she disappeared. She returned during Beneath Cursed Tides when it was revealed that all inhabitants of the island were cursed and morphed into sea creatures. During the quest the player has to do her task and the tasks of other instructors to break their curse.



  • She looks very similar to Spria.
  • After the graphics update, she seems to have either a Saradomin Castlewars hood or a skill cape hood, along with a cape of legends and it appears that she also has an onyx necklace.
  • Prior to an update, she wore a less elaborate outfit, consisting of simple dark red robes and a dark red hood.
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