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A swamp snake is an aggressive monster encountered during the Temple Trekking and Burgh de Rott minigames. When killed, its remains are left behind as a dead swamp snake. If the player's follower in the minigame becomes involved in combat with a swamp snake, the snake may drop regular bones instead, even if the player kills the snake. With a tool belt knife, dead swamp snakes have a left-click "Skin" option, which gives the player 2-5 swamp snake hides. These hides differ in colouring from the snake hides obtained from bush snakes but like bush snake hides can be tanned to make snakeskin, used for snakeskin armour.

They hit fairly hard with both melee and magic, but they seem to attack with Magic more often and are quite accurate, so Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic may be helpful if you are of a lower level.


Main drop

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Congealed blood 1000.pngCongealed blood8–11Uncommon552–759


  • Damage over time effects (such as Fragmentation Shot) or poison will continue to do 1 damage to dead swamp snakes. Sometimes even the followers may attack the dead snake for 1 damage.
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