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Sweet Tooth [Name]
Release date 10 November 2014 (Update)
Members Yes
Position Prefix
Source Gameplay
Category Miscellaneous Titles
Hidden until unlocked

Sweet Tooth is a title unlocked by eating the following while in Prifddinas: chocolate cake, chocolate bar, chocchip crunchies, chocolate bomb, choc-ice, cake, summer pie, redberry pie, apple pie and fruit batta; pre-made gnome dishes do not work, but partially eaten cakes and pies do.


This title changes according to the language of the server on which RuneScape is played, as shown below:

Language Title
German Schleckermaul [Name]
French [Name] le gourmand / la gourmande
Portuguese Formiguinha[1] [Name]
  1. ^ The Portuguese literal translation is little ant.