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This article is about uncooked sweetcorn. For bowl of sweetcorn, see Sweetcorn (bowl).

Sweetcorn detail

Raw Sweetcorn is a food item that members can receive through Farming by planting 3 sweetcorn seeds into an allotment, for 17 Farming experience, patch at level 20 Farming, and later harvesting for 19 Farming experience each. They take 50 minutes to grow.

A scarecrow is used to protect growing sweetcorn from disease, and nine raw sweetcorn are used as payment for a farmer to watch over your growing apple tree. Putting 15 raw sweetcorn in a compost bin will yield normal Compost.

Players can cook sweetcorn on a cooking range or a fire to make cooked sweetcorn. If below cooking level 53, there is a chance of getting burnt sweetcorn instead. Cooking sweetcorn requires level 28 cooking, and gives 104 experience on a range and 114 experience on a fire. Cooking Sweetcorn gives a decent amount of experience, and thus is one of the ways that low-level members train their cooking skill.

Cooked sweetcorn heals 10% of the player's max life points. For example, if a player has 3540 maximum life points, it will heal 354. It is more frequently used, however, as an ingredient in making tuna potatoes.

Players can also take raw sweetcorn to a windmill, put it in the hopper, and use an empty pot on the flour bin to get the corn flour used to free Sir Amik Varze in the Recipe for Disaster quest.

Runescape - Sweetcorn Patch

Grown sweetcorn in a farming patch near Falador


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