Swift gloves detail

Swift gloves are a set of degradable tier 80 ranged tank gloves with several passive effects that can be obtained in the Dominion Tower. They require 80 Ranged and 80 Defence to wield; however, they also require a number of additional skills, as 6 specific quests (see below), 14 other quests involving Dominion Tower monsters, are required to unlock the gloves.

While wearing these gloves, each auto-attack or basic ability has a 5% chance of firing an additional attack which:

  • Does 25% of the triggering attack's damage.
  • Carries the same passive effects of the triggering attack (e.g. the healing effect of Sacrifice).
  • Binds the target.
  • Lowers the target's Magic, Ranged, and Defence by 7 levels (does not stack).

They also reduce incoming ranged damage by 1–5%, with a 5% chance of reducing by 25%–50% instead.

Swift gloves degrade to dust after 15,000 charges of combat; however, they only lose charges with each damaging hit taken (including typeless damage); hits you deal (abilities or otherwise) and blocked hits (shield hitsplats) do not drain charges. This makes them last longer than would normally be expected of an item with 15,000 charges.


Swift gloves come in four colours, which are functionally identical. The gloves also all have a green particle effect.

Swift gloves (black) Swift gloves (red) Swift gloves (white) Swift gloves (yellow)
Swift gloves (black) equipped
Swift gloves (red) equipped
Swift gloves (white) equipped
Swift gloves (yellow) equipped


Total level: 1225
Attack 78 Constitution - Mining 60
Strength 78 Agility 50 Smithing 70
Defence 40 Herblore 49 Fishing 62
Ranged 80 Thieving 54 Cooking 70
Prayer 42 Crafting 70 Firemaking 71
Magic 80 Fletching 10 Woodcutting 52
Runecrafting - Slayer 10 Farming 25
Construction 70 Hunter 46 Summoning 55
Dungeoneering - Divination ---- Invention ----
Attack style icon fixed 76 Quest 177 Music icon fixed ----
Task icon fixed 30 RuneScore -----

To unlock the option to receive swift gloves as a reward item from the Strange face, players must meet a number of requirements:

  • Defeat a total of 500 bosses in either Climber or Endurance matches. The victories do not have to be consecutive.
  • Defeat the following bosses in the Tower at least once:
Boss Quest
Pest Queen The Void Stares Back
Zenevivia Love Story
Damis, Fareed, Kamil and Dessous Desert Treasure
Karamel and Gelatinnoth Mother Recipe for Disaster
Jungle demon Monkey Madness
The Inadequacy Dream Mentor

The skill levels required to complete the above quests are detailed in the box to the right. These effectively function as additional requirements to obtain and use swift gloves.

While a pair of swift gloves cannot be repaired, it is possible to obtain multiple pairs from the strange face by earning another 25 boss kills in either Climber or Endurance matches; this will earn an invisible "reward credit" that can be exchanged for a pair of swift gloves, goliath gloves, spellcaster gloves, or 500 dreadnips. The strange face will store up to 15 such "credits," after which they must be redeemed in order to earn more.

Update history

  • On 11 April 2012, the gloves' 'check' option was changed to display a percentage of degradation. This percentage counted up from 0% degraded - e.g. 10% degraded gloves had 5,400 charges left (out of 6,000).
    • Prior to this, the option gave messages to give an idea of how degraded they were: "The gloves are in perfect condition." "The gloves are slightly degraded.", "The gloves are very degraded." and lastly, "The gloves are almost falling apart."
  • Prior to the Evolution of Combat, the gloves randomly executed a special attack that fired an extra shot from the currently used ranged weapon. When activated on a player, it drained their Magic, Ranged, and Defence by 10%. This special attack did not use any of the special attack bar and only triggered when the player cast combat spells.
  • During part of the Evolution of Combat beta, they were a two-handed ranged weapon with stats similar to a Zaryte bow. At this point, the gloves actually went in the weapon slot, and other gloves could be worn underneath but were not visible.
  • After the release of the Evolution of Combat, the gloves were given a passive effect, which reflected some of the magic damage the wearer took.
  • On 3 November 2014, the gloves were restored to their former glory: they regained their passive special/stat drain effect in addition to the existing passive extended to all combat damage being reduced with a chance of larger reduction. To counter this, each reward credit now requires 25 boss kills instead of 5 (and dreadnips were given in sets of 500 instead of 100).
  • On 4 April 2016, all three dominion gloves had their charges increased from 6,000 to 15,000; however, the stat drain effect no longer stacks. As part of the same update, the percentage degraded was changed to count down from 100% and to be given to one decimal place, much like most other degradable equipment.
  • On 9 April 2018, the level 110 requirement to participate in the dominion tower was removed therefore allowing them to be obtained at a much lower combat level.
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