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Sword Artist [Name]
Release date 10 November 2014 (Update)
Members Yes
Position Prefix
Source Gameplay
Category Miscellaneous Titles
Hidden until unlocked

Sword Artist is a title unlocked by equipping a black longsword and off-hand adamant longsword as a male character with a black Evanstyle hairstyle, while being clean shaven and having no overrides active, then performing these poses on the Serenity posts in Prifddinas in the following order: Lotus, Bow, Ward, and Crane.


This title changes according to the language of the server on which RuneScape is played, as shown below:

Language Title
German Schwertkünstler / Schwertkünstlerin [Name]
French La fine lame [Name]
Portuguese Artista de Espadas [Name]


  • The title is a reference to the anime series Sword Art Online and the worn requirements are similar to the appearance of its protagonist Kirigaya Kazuto.