Symbol of Bandos
Symbol of Bandos
Release date 10 December 2007 (Update)
Seller Blasidar
Cost 50,000 coins
Duration 2:30 minutes
Message (Player name),
a vicious warrior dedicated to Bandos,
perished in this place.
Description Followers of Bandos are scarce, but this symbol is still used by those who remember that violent god.

A Symbol of Bandos is a grave dedicated to the god Bandos. It is one of the 6 God-aligned statues, and it lasts for 2 minutes 30 seconds. It can be purchased from Blasidar in Keldagrim for 50,000 coins once players complete the Land of the Goblins quest.

During the 2011 Hallowe'en event, an advertised Symbol of Bandos read "Craggyteeth woz 'ere." This message is also visible on the Horsemen's citadel noticeboard after completing the event.

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