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Taevas was the brother of The Forgotten Warrior, before being killed by Kay Thanxby and her party during the Vengeance! saga. After his death, the warrior begins seeing what is supposedly his ghost, who asks her to avenge him, and tells her to keep a giant flatfish that could potentially save another forgotten warrior, named Orin. Should his sister ruthlessly kill Kay Thanxby through torture at the end of the saga, she and the ghost will fuse into pure vengeance.

Should she take a noble path, she realises that the figure is not Taevas, as Taevas would not want her to spend her last moments avenging him, but would rather that she take his engangement ring to his fiance and tell her of his death. The figure remains however, asserting that it is indeed Taevas, although the warrior simply walks away.

He wears a Bathus full helm, a Bathus chainbody, Bathus platelegs, Bathus boots, and Bathus gauntlets, and during the initial part of the saga, he attacks with a Bathus rapier. He is combat level 86.


When he was young, Taevas was a very weak child. His mother had to pay a lot to healers and people alike to keep him alive. After her death, he got a lot better, although he did not fully recover. It is for these reasons his sister later kills Lotheria Seldorina, Ican Haz, Lola Wut, and possibly Kay Thanxby.


  • Taevas' overhead messages could be seen in the chatbox, unlike those from most NPCs. This was likely an artistic choice to make him feel more human.
  • "Taevas" means "sky" in Estonian.
  • The Forgotten Warrior comments near the end of the Saga that the spectre is nothing like Taveas at all. It's possible that the spectre was actually the dark magic of Daemonheim interfering with her thoughts. This would fit with the madness most of the soldiers in Daemonheim are attributed.