Tainted shard detail

Tainted shard is an item that appeared in every player's inventory or at Diango after logging in after 00:00 UTC on 28 September 2018. It comes uncharged, and it can hold up to 4,000 charges. It provides a 2% XP boost while having it either equipped, or by simply having it in your inventory. The shard can be charged by the player gaining experience while having it equipped or having it in their inventory. Charges are obtained in 5 minute intervals, 10 at a time. The timer resets on logout. This means it would take a minimum of 2000 minutes, or 33.3 hours, to completely fill the shard. Acquiring a charge triggers this message:

The tainted shard increases in energy, sending a chill down your spine. It has [number] charges.

While the item is in the bank, this message will appear every time the shard would have otherwise been charged:

Your tainted shard fails to charge as you do not have it with you. Equip or place the tainted shard in your inventory to charge it with energy

There are two messages possible upon login before the item is received. If you have space in your backpack, the message you receive is:

A tainted shard has appeared in your backpack. You do not know where it came from but you sense a strange energy within it.

If you have no room, the message is:

You feel a spike of energy send a chill down your spine. Collect a tainted shard from Diango in Draynor Village or Ianto in Prifddinas to charge it with this energy.

The following message is shown upon reaching 1000 charges:

You hear the whispers of the tainted shard grow louder.



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