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Taka'ara the armadylean head warmage is an aviansie native to Abbinah and is in charge of the troops of Armadyl during the duration of the war between Armadyl and Bandos. He acts as a general, sending commands to soldiers and troops. With higher tiers of the Armadylean token, he will talk more about himself and his duties.

Taka'ra has been a tribe leader of the aviansie on Abbinah for around 10 years, and led the differing tribes in peace, as Armadyl has wanted. He believed Armadyl to be dead until he returned, and then came with Armadyl to Gielinor to support the fight.

He is currently the only aviansie who is not brown in colour. His model is also based on that of a great horned owl. He is a different breed of aviansie, although they consider it rude to point it out.

Taka'ra also features in Sliske's Endgame, as an entourage of Armadyl.


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