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Agidad the talent scout is the person who recruits people to visit The Pit, an Agility D&D. After a number of laps at any agility course (except the Burthorpe Agility Course and the Penguin Agility Course), he will call you and a flashing green arrow will appear above him. Talking to him with free hands and no familiar results in him making you look and knocking you in the head (whilst laughing, which is voice acted) and teleporting you away. But, if you don't talk to him within a minute or so, the Talent Scout will lose interest and your opportunity will be lost. The beating won't reduce your health, and for practical purposes it is simply a fancy teleport to The Pit.

If wearing an Agility cape, Max cape or Completionist cape, a player can talk to the Talent scout at any time to be transported to The Pit. A small amount of experience will still be rewarded, but it cannot be gambled. The gorilla mask can still be obtained as well.



  • Agidad could be short for Agility distraction and diversion.
  • The words appearing above his head: "Ook.","Ook!" and "Ook?" are a reference to the programming language "Ook!", which only uses those three words to write entire programs.
  • If you fail an event in The Pit, then he will distract you again and beat you unconscious and return you to your previous location.
  • If he calls you but you are poisoned, he will talk to you about how you are sick.
  • He claims not to need a ring of charos at the Werewolf Agility Course because he was born hideously ugly, resulting in him not being recognised as a human by the werewolves.
  • Agidad could also be a reference to the Spanish word "Agilidad" which means Agility.
  • One of the things Agidad says to distract the player is "Wow, a double rainbow!" This is a reference to a popular YouTube video.
  • If players speak to him while wielding a Ninja Monkey Greegree, he'll say "What a cute little monkey. Get lost, monkey!"
  • Trying to use surge while the talent scout is luring you gives the message: "You can't do that while invisible.", despite you being visible.
  • At the Ape Atoll agility course, he wears the Gorilla Mask to "blend in."