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Tales of Nomad
Release date 26 September 2016 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest series None
Developer(s) Unknown
Age Sixth Age
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Tales of Nomad is a miniquest, revealing post-quest dialogue for Nomad's Elegy and details about Nomad. Some of the dialogue will be from talking to Zanik, if the player chose to save her during the quest. Its completion is required for the master quest cape and the trimmed completionist cape. New dialogue with be unlocked for Zanik every month.[1]


Start pointQuest map icon Sift through Nomad's memory in the Underworld
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyUnknown edit
Official lengthShort
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • None
Enemies to defeat
  • None

For a no-nonsense version of this guide, see the quick guide

The player must locate memories through out Gielinor. The places to go for each step are given as cryptic clues. As such, this page has optional hints and spoilers.

Much of the story of the miniquest is told via static 'NPCs' around you - their actions and their examines.


Return to the Underworld by passing through the door in Death's office. Sift through Nomad's memory on the western side of the lower level, before the bridge.

Memory one


My life began here, at the Village Edge.
Walls of stone were my home, but now they are all but gone.
Trees instead have taken my place.
The trees are not me.

Trees near broken stone walls in the Village Edge
By the graves near the yew trees in Edgeville, south of the bank.

Memory two


A rune aflame hangs in the air east of me.
I lay beneath a dead thing, it's arms shield me from the sun's fury.
To my west a sapphire hangs in the night sky.

A flaming rune hanging, a sapphire moon in the sky
Hint 2
Shop signs hang, and sapphires are blue
West of Aubury's rune shop in Varrock, east of the Blue Moon Inn.

Memory three


After I had made the streets my own, a man came to me with promises of even more power.
He took me to a place where magic is solidified into stones, varied and powerful.

Making magic stones is a skill.
Hint 2
What sort of runecrafting altar gives varied runes?
At the Ourania altar, near the altar itself at the end of the tunnel.

Memory four


My master lacked vision.
More interested in learning about souls than he was about harnessing their limitless power.
Soon I realised he was a chain weighing me down.
I needed power enough to vanquish him and I knew of only one place where I could harvest enough.

Nomad is well known for harvesting souls
Nomad's throne room - enter the tent in the Soul Wars lobby area.

Memory five


I had power and I had knowledge, but I knew that I could not defeat my greatest enemy, death.
I delved into forbidden lore and sought out in the darkest magical knowledge.

Necromancy, the mastery over death itself, seemed like the answer I sought and yet none possessed the knowledge I needed.
Finally I learned of a necromancer of great skill.

Imagine my disappointment to learn that he had lost the true faith and fallen to the worship of the Adversary.

The "true faith" and "the Adversary" from the perspective of a Misthalinian citizen
Hint 2
A fallen and skilled necromancer who defected from Saradomin to Zamorak, who has gone beyond death
In Dragith Nurn's chamber at the end of the Lumbridge Catacombs

Memory six


Dragith Nurn had been a dead end. His corpse held no more secrets than any other and I returned to my research.
I learned of a new necromancer, a powerful being called Lucien.

I needed his attention and I know being his rival would earn more notice than being a sycophant.

I knew he was preparing a great attack and I would get his attention by standing against him.

His cousin also invaded this city.
Hint 2
There's a lot of undead in the digsite - remnants or source? West seems as good as any direction to invade from.
Near the small guard house just outside of the west gate in to Varrock.

Memory seven


I called the mahjarrat Lucien my master and he in turn treated me like a servant.
Whereas Oreb had taught me how to manipulate souls and even absorb their power, Lucien had kept all his greatest secrets of necromancy hidden from me.

But he had power, I could sense it.
Something external, an object of great potency and I desired it.
I knew I was no match for Lucien on my own and so I created a new means to empower myself, granting myself strength that would rival Lucien's own.

We've been through here before.
Hint 2
Nomad has his soul obelisk, how is he gonna power it?
Between the two graveyards in the Soul Wars lobby.

Memory eight


By sending the warriors forth to battle mighty avatars, I knew that their souls would be enriched.
Each death that befell them drained them of a portion of their soul and funneled it to me.

But Lucien was no fool and he learned of my actions.
He sent agents to face me, but none were a match.

None but one, an agent with strength enough to kill me.

Who's killed Nomad before?
Hint 2
You completed Nomad's Requiem, right?
Nomad's throne room - enter the tent in the Soul Wars lobby area.

Memory nine


But the power of the soul obelisk healed me enough to grant me my escape.
I went into hiding and the world changed.
The gods returned.

I needed information, I needed to know the new games the gods were playing.
So I sought out the Kinshra spymaster, hidden in the heart of the enemy.
In seclusion we spoke and to ease his ego I named him master.

Where would a Kinshra spy be most effective?
Falador castle courtyard, southwest area.

Memory ten


My new master was weak and found himself corrupted by those he was sent to observe.
I no longer feel a loyalty for the god of my parents, but I cannot abide weakness.

I asked him to meet me near the place that he once called home and I asked him to tell me what he sees in the shadows below.
Death and blood he said.

He was right.

Home of a Kinshra spymaster, with a 'below' that can be looked on
Hint 2
It's not underground.
Just west of the entrance to the Black Knight's Fortress.

Memory eleven


The world had changed and with it I discovered a new source of power.
Power that seemed to float from the very ground, it sustained and strengthened me.
I craved more and more of it.

In a place where the water itself was lethal, I devoured the divine energy that flickered around me.
There it was that my greatest foe finally caught up with me.

Divine energy and lethal water, sounds familiar.
Hint 2
Its on the shoreline of said lethal water.
Near the incandescent wisps south of the poison wastes - just west of the crater, on the shore of the wastes.

Memory twelve


Death finally took me and for a moment all was lost.
Then we met again [player].

We always return to the beginning, to where it all started, don't we?

The start of which 'it' are we going to?
Hint 2
The simplest answer is probably right.
Return to the underworld where the miniquest started.

Congratulations! Miniquest complete!.





  • Several memories include voice acting from Mod Raven.


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