Tales of the Arc is series of a quest and multiple miniquests revolving around The Arc. It starts with the novice quest called Impressing the Locals which is required to access the Arc and as such is a requirement to do the miniquests.


Impressing the Locals

Impressing the Locals icon Impressing the Locals

Main article: Impressing the Locals

Help Trader Stan recover his goods stolen by The Iron Link's invasion of Port Sarim, and get a ship to the Eastern Lands in the process. Recruit three crew members and set off.

Flag Fall

Flag Fall icon Flag Fall

Main article: Flag Fall

Work with Boni to fix her loom. Doing so allows access to Flags, which can be used to claim Uncharted Isles.

Head of the Family

Head of the Family icon Head of the Family

Main article: Head of the Family

Help a lonely Moai on Waiko get back into contact with other cut off Moai. Gather a strong crew of Cyclopes and complete some tasks to gain access to a ship to help move Aminishi's Moai to Waiko. However, the Cyclopes are traitors working for Jed! Defeat them to complete the shipment, and gain a loyal new Lookout in the process.

Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual Enlightenment icon Spiritual Enlightenment

Help Ling track down a monk, slaughtering many Acolytes of Seiryu along the way to learn their secrets. Discover a strange spirit realm containing truly enlightened Arhat, find the monk here, and soon learn Ling was not there to kill him, simply to catch up with an old friend.

Jed Hunter

Jed Hunter icon Jed Hunter

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It's time to hunt down Jed! Outfit your crew and prepare for battle through various tasks before setting the bait for Jed by faking your own death. Gain an ally in Thalassus along the way. Lead Jed into a trap with Lookout Ekahi's help and learn of the mysterious Harbinger that Jed is selling slaves to. Jed refuses to be taken prisoner, and leaps from the ship... Only to be devoured by Thalassus before he can hit the water. Free the prisoners from Port Sarim and return them to safety.

Jed steals energy from Ekahi

Eye for an Eye icon Eye for an Eye

Main article: Eye for an Eye

Help the Cyclopes of Cyclosis discover who or what is behind the kidnapping of a number of villagers. Fight off an army of Zyclops and discover an old foe seemingly back from the dead.

The Harbinger

Harbinger icon Harbinger

Main article: Harbinger

Ambush! The Harbinger attacks the 'Sarim's Revenge'. Defend your ship and escape.

Tuai Leit's Own

Tuai Leit's Own icon Tuai Leit's Own

Main article: Tuai Leit's Own

Lookout Ekahi's situation is worsening. Travel to Tuai Leit to hunt for a cure. After several failures, a dangerous solution appears - either kill him, or hunt down the being that caused the curse in the first place.

Ghosts from the Past

Ghosts from the Past icon Ghosts from the Past

Main article: Ghosts from the Past

Travel to the Islands That Once Were Turtles to dig into Quartermaster Gully's history with Captain Cora.

Malignant entity on Goshima

Damage Control icon Damage Control

Main article: Damage Control

Prepare for a battle with the Harbinger by repairing your ship and salvaging a cannon. Help Evie hunt for her brother on Goshima in the process, and discover a dark spirit haunting the ravaged island.

Final Destination

Final Destination icon Final Destination

Main article: Final Destination

Take the fight to the Harbinger, battling through the crew all the way to Captain Cora, hoping to finally discover where the creature that cursed Ekahi is. Learn about the secret of Goshima's Khan and best Cora in the process. Bring her to Goshima to see the destruction the creature has wrought, and end it once and for all.

Minimum requirements

Items required

Tale Items
Impressing the Locals
  • 1,000 coins
Flag Fall
  • 1,000 or more chimes (for supplies)
  • Driftwood driftwood (obtained during the miniquest)
Head of the Family
Spiritual Enlightenment N/A
Jed Hunter
Eye for an Eye
Harbinger N/A
Tuai Leit's Own
Ghosts from the Past N/A
Damage Control
  • 2,500 chimes
Final Destination N/A


Completing the whole series rewards the player with the title [Name] of the Arc.