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number of 200m firemakers is inaccurate

I believe it is 131, not 1310

people with 200M in a skill

this part seems to be drastically undermaintained (the part that says there's ### people with 200M in 1 skill, ## people with 200M in 2 skills, etc.). Anyways, the people I got for 200M in 4 skills are Aasiwat, Drumgun, and Telmomarques. not 2.  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by 5512tyuiop (talk) on 02:49, January 23, 2010 (UTC).

Yeah, I noticed that [[Extended Hiscore Table]] rarely ever gets "updated". So far, in 1 month, I recall only 3 edits by others. EvilYank remov. abbrev. b/c he doesn't like abbrev. when it's nt. needed. Lik. nt. nw. :D Another person changed the asterick(uh... thingy). Another made a pointless edit, ("level required is for level after"). And, the rest were by me. No one so far(except me) changed the EXP required, which has to be looked up on the Hiscores.
Looks like looking stuff up in the hiscores is time-consuming.
Stats Overall icon highscores.pngPlayerFroobTalk 08:15, January 29, 2010 (UTC)

I plan to make an update or 2 on it once Drumgun reaches his 5th 200m. He'll be getting his 6th soon after.

I've finally raked the highscores out of interest, just updated it. I thought about posting individual names here for verification, but that would take up tons of space. I'll periodically update this statistic, unless it gets removed. 23:04, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

Duke Marko Quit

He quit-should we post this until someone passes him (or he comes back) or just roll with it and pretend he's still here just like Larryr? --HaloTalk 04:36, February 16, 2010 (UTC)

Probably just ignore that fact. He still has the most summoning xp out of anybody which is why he is on the list, even if he is currently inactive. Unicorn horn dust.png Evil Yanks talk 00:22, February 13, 2010 (UTC)


drumgun has 6 200m exp skills, yet isnt mentioned.

He was the second to get it, but he will probably be mentioned for being first to 7 200M, unless something crazy happens. HaloTalk 00:32, April 5, 2010 (UTC)

Drumgun has now got 8 200M skills and will be getting fletching soon!

"total experience"

It mentions about how if a player were to achoeve 200m in all skills they would have 4.8 billion experience. I was under the impression however, that the max number Runescape will allow is roughly 2.147 Billion (due to java)

So surely it would be impossible to pass this number in experience. Personally i am waiting for someone to get it to see what happens. 00:29, April 5, 2010 (UTC)

I'm not entirely sure on this, but I believe that should only apply in game. (Java is not required for hiscores-I can access them on my phone-which doesn't have Java.) HaloTalk 00:31, April 5, 2010 (UTC)

You guys now got a second player to look to; Gertjaars and Aasiwat:

  • Gertjaars: 2,009,333,178 xp
  • Aasiwat: 1,988,632,027 xp

Even though the player information databases aren't java - SQL, most likely, the 2^31-1 cap would still be there (so when they reach that, 2 things may happen: no more xp added tot total xp, or restart at 0xp with just normal xp in other skills). Unless they would have known at the beginning of this game someone would ever be getting this much xp, in that case they would have made a Long integer for the Total level information (variable), which allows a maximum of 2^63-1 xp which can't be reached due to the 200M xp cap. Purepout 19:50, April 21, 2010 (UTC)

Surely this doesn't matter since the xp is separate for each skill. Is total xp over all skills used in game? Henneyj 22:23, April 24, 2010 (UTC)

It's somewhat likely that they added a Total xp variable to the database. To reduce loading time of hiscores, for example, as calculating them for all 22 players on a hiscores page while loading it will take some time. Purepout 18:46, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

Technical limitations: Assuming that Jagex is using some form of SQL for their databases and Java (via JDBC) to access the databases and JSP to format the data into a the web page, it's pretty easy (and best practice for databases because it's derived and redundant information) to store the total XP separately from the XP in each skill. By isolating the derived data, they can easily update the code dealing with that data to store it in a 64-bit integer ("long" type in Java) without impacting the rest of the system. And for those claiming that Java doesn't support bigger numbers, Jagex could also update the system to support limitless XP by storing the amount in the database as a variable-length string and using BigInteger objects to store it in-game. Anyway, my point is there is no real technical reason why Jagex cannot allow more XP. --User:MarkGyver/Signature/Real 05:44, December 6, 2010 (UTC)

2 people with 500m xp in 6 skills but 1 person with 200m xp in 5 skills

That cant make sense to have 6 skills with 200m xp you would have to have 6 individual skills with 200m xp therefore if theres 2 people with 200m xp in 6 skills there has to be someone else with 200m xp in 5 skills --Defence cape (t).png Rabbit FearArmadyl godsword.png 05:00, April 28, 2010 (UTC)

"1 person with 200m in 5 skills" does not mean "1 person with 200m in 5 or more skills". When the statistics were updated, one person had 5 maxed skills, and two had 6 maxed skills. The old revision was accurate. 09:21, April 28, 2010 (UTC)

but skills means more than one meaning they have more than one skill with maxed xp. --Defence cape (t).png Rabbit FearArmadyl godsword.png 21:57, April 28, 2010 (UTC)

I am with the ip on this one, the s in skills refers to there being multiple skills that the person has 200m in. The simplest solution to this however would be to add "or more" to the sentences so they read "2 players with 200M experience in 5 or more skills". That way there is no confusion. Unicorn horn dust.png Evil Yanks talk 06:51, April 29, 2010 (UTC)

Yeah guess so Defence cape (t).png Rabbit FearArmadyl godsword.png 16:36, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

Dungeoneering 120 Cap

Any comments on this theory: It's possible that Jagex picked the level cap of 120 for Dungeoneering (as opposed to a number like 115 or 130) because it is the closest number divisible by ten under the 200 million experience cap. Level 130 would require 280,681,209 experience, which is well over 200 million experience.--Joel amos 00:22, May 10, 2010 (UTC)

It's possible. But frankly I dunno why Jagex thinks about anything the way they do Lol HaloTalk 18:18, May 9, 2010 (UTC)

what happens after getting 5 billion exp in runescape(highest amount of exp to get possable as of this day(june 28 2010) 20:53, June 28, 2010 (UTC)

Nothing, you can't get anymore experience. HaloTalk 21:11, June 28, 2010 (UTC)

Angry Rant

Stop removing my cleanup, disputed, source needed and clarification needed tags!!! can u prove they got those lvls at those times?! Take screenshots, link to other screenshots, DO SOMETHING!!!! And i quote the Runescape Wiki Quality Standards

Do not include specific usernames of players or groups of players (clans) in articles. Do not try and claim "facts" such as "player x was the first to complete this task" without any verifiable proof.{{CiteGeneral |url= |title=Runescape Wiki Quality Standards - Ownership and Bias}}

--Matthew2602 08:20, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

Well, as it says on the article, there are sources needed for most of the "firsts". However, the accuracy template seems unneeded. Unless you can find evidence to back up the claim that there are incorrect things there, I'm removing the template(s). And for protection, I don't think this is a good idea. We often have IPs come in and edit the number of people with 200m experience, and they do it well. By the way, grats on using that template. I've never seen it used before. So, I don't think any of the templates are needed. And calm down. ʞooɔ 09:18, July 2, 2010 (UTC)
Here's an idea; what if we placed a small italicized notice at the top of the page saying "Many dates on this page require references or sources. Please add them in.", or something similar? Adding all of those {{fact}} templates looks ugly as hell, and clogs the page up. User:Lil diriz 77/Signatures 09:25, July 2, 2010 (UTC)
Let's just leave it alone...hasn't bothered anyone before. HaloTalk 09:28, July 2, 2010 (UTC)
Sounds great to me, was just trying to satisfy everyone. Doesn't bother me one bit. User:Lil diriz 77/Signatures 09:29, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

I'll prove the 200 Million records where possible:

  1. Deja Vu Xiii's Constitution
  2. Lover Romeo's Agility
  3. Lover Romeo's Mining
  4. Pow012000's Farming
  5. Arfved's Magic
  6. Zarfot's Prayer
  7. Simon's Construction
  8. Pris's Smithing
  9. 777knight777's Fishing
  10. Paulrat3's Crafting
  11. Fir3g0d's Strength
  12. Halw Gnun's Herblore

I remember some of the others, but have no data on when. Ryan PM 09:39, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

First, yes there are sources needed, and the template is unneeded. You can remove it.(which you already did...) I personally don't care about the pages themselves, I care about the references. You can add them in if you want.(Or someone else will) Thanks for the info. And sorry for the exclamations. I was just angry that people kept rolling back my edits.( I spent ALOT of time copying and pasting those {{fact}} templates...)
How about instead we put an {{incomplete}} template instead? It will look more formal. And on clogging up the page, there should be one {{fact}} template for an entire page....
But I'm leaving my {{clarify}} tags. Please rewrite the sentences I put them on 'cause they just don't make sense to me.
Oh and by the way, who put my post in an angry rant section?!

--Matthew2602 10:06, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

Re-read the sentences I didn't understand. They make sense now. So never mind with the {{clarify}} templates. --Matthew2602 10:13, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

Wow that site is really good. It even shows the almost exact time they got 200m. Thanks so much. Will be sure to add refs and info to tables. But there is still info we don't have (such as refs for "player x was the first person to have 200m in 4 skills.") I can probably find the pages for the extra skills but if you can supply those it would help. =]

Thanks --Matthew2602 10:33, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

New problem. Just realised that site doesn't ACTUALLY say they got 200mxp first. If someone can verify for sure who got 200mxp first(preferably a screenshot) it would really help. --Matthew2602 10:48, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but much of that would be very hard to get ahold of. People to contact, lots of effort, and I don't see the point. Go take a screenshot of the hiscores if you want. I don't think anyone who was first to 200m has gotten banned. HaloTalk 10:50, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

=O *slaps head* why didn't I think of that? :) thanks --Matthew2602 11:11, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

I would still like to know who put my post in this section. --Matthew2602 07:48, July 18, 2010 (UTC)

"First players to achieve 200 million experience in a specific skill" section looks like crap right now.

Someone verify that there is something wrong and that it is not just my computer. Once verified, it will need to be fixed ASAP. I put a cleanup template box under that heading. --Joel amos Talk Contribs 15:33, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

Fixed ;) --Joel amos Talk Contribs 15:41, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

Dude, i knew. I was in the middle of working on it last night but I had to go to bed. --Matthew2602 22:43, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

"Number of players with 200m xp in one or more skills"

With drumgun soon to get 200m summ and his 7th maxed skill (probably followed by 200m strength), I'm worried about this section. I'm currently the only one updating it every month, and I don't feel that just tacking more and more onto the current paragraph is a great idea. Doesn't look that hot, will soon become irritating to read, etc, etc.

I can only think of two things, change it into a table, or just get rid of it. The latter might not be unreasonable, it's a cute statistic to have, but probably not that necessary (it's also a pain to update accurately). If people are satisfied with the way it is now, I'll just continue to update it.

Thoughts? 02:42, July 5, 2010 (UTC)

=O Table! Yes! Great idea! --Matthew2602 22:31, July 5, 2010 (UTC)

Drumgun just got his 7th 200m, strength (46m in a day, must've burned sw points or something). I'm going to wait til he hits 200m summ before updating the table. 20:57, July 6, 2010 (UTC)



Toony001 -> Toony

User changed name, link is broken.

Drumgun's 10th

Drumgun completed 200m fletching which was his 10th 200m skill. He is probably going to finish up woodcutting soon as well.

Stop messing with my article, Admins

Alright, STOP! Alright?!?! Use swiftkit!! IT tells you if you are over 99 cap, and the percentage every skill has with 200m, 56%, Gosh! YOU NEVER DO ANY RESEARCH! YOU APES

--The original Drak 05:29, June 10, 2011 (UTC)

  1. REDIRECT User:Urbancowgurl777/Signature 05:32, June 10, 2011 (UTC)
RS:UTP --Andorin (Talk) (Contribs) 05:41, June 10, 2011 (UTC)
To tack on some things. It's already mentioned in the article. It isn't 56% from 127, it's 44% from 127, because it's 56% past 126. Don't rage, but especially don't rage when your wrong, because looking like a pissed idiot sucks. User:Haloolah123/Sig 17:36, June 10, 2011 (UTC)

Table seems wrong

The dungeoneering is off by 14, should read 215, could all be new since update, but cooking is way off, should be 347, and I don't recall the table being that far off before. 02:10, September 10, 2011 (UTC)

400 million xp

First, I don't see how it's important to know that Hammy or Jebrim got 200 mil xp in the same skill twice. They weren't the first to do it, and this could lead to a very long list in the future.

Second, this list mainly concerns itself with who was the first to reach 400 mil xp in a skill, although the article is about 200 million experience.

Finally, the title of the section and the section content implies these players were the first to reach 400 million xp in a skill, although it would be very difficult to determine if these people were actually the first to do so, or if there were many players before them to achieve this milestone. Smithing (talk | contribs) 01:02, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

Agreed. Let's just keep it simple folks. User:Urbancowgurl777/Signature 01:04, November 19, 2011 (UTC)
The fact that it cannot be verified was part of my argument to jebrim earlier. He could only say he had proof that he'd done it and "no one else claims to have done it". I say it's not relevant to the 200m xp article. Small recharge gem.png AnselaJonla Slayer-icon.png 01:08, November 19, 2011 (UTC)
As I told you before, there is a big high level community and this is very popular knowledge among us. All 3 of us also have videos and Runetracker data proving this. It isn't something that happened at once, but has been in progress for 1-2 years. There's been a very long time for these claims to be made false, not that it even needs just that. I know every person that has 200m Agility, most of them very well, and can easily confirm that Agility hasn't been done before. Hammy is very involved in the Dungeoneering community and people there can be certain he was the first to max 2 accounts to 200m Dung. After I announced my 1b Agility goal 2 years ago, a lot of high levels searched for anyone else in present or history who had done such a thing. Nothing showed up. That may not seem like much, but when you have a whole circle of top players that have been active throughout RS history, it does provide a lot of information. That's why we can say with pretty good certainty that a 400m has never been done before Matt258 got his 2nd account to 200m Cooking. There's been plenty of time for the burden of proof to be rejected by the mass amounts of people that have heard of this. Instead it is accepted knowledge.
Also take the case of fairness. If Momeydragon can have something up in Trivia saying she was the first to get a 200m in under a year, I don't see how this doesn't deserve to be up there as well, which I consider to be far more relevant than first to 200m in under a year. 2x 200m is just as relevant as 200m in all combat skills or 200m in all melees or first to 14 200m's, etc. I consider it a matter of fairness, if those get to be up, then this should be up as well. I don't think the topic deserves its own page and it makes far more sense to simply merge it into this one which already tracks such achievements. Also keep in mind that there was something up for a week with no problems and this issue didn't start until Matt wanted himself up as well. I already had it resolved with another adminstrator/moderator, who was very willing to just list us up there with the first to 400m in each stat. I don't see why this has to be approved by every single person in charge that happens to come across it. In that case, hardly anything could get updated on this page lol. Jebrim 08:17, November 19, 2011 (UTC)
My opinion on this is that the first person to achieve the feat (Matt) can deserve a dot point about it, but having a section for each skill is overkill, and I still believe the first person to set about doing something doesn't come with the same notability as the person that first reached the feat, which would mean Matt's dot point can stay, but your one would be removed.
What I agreed with you, but you may have misinterpreted, was that I would leave the page with both sets of info on it, as I had to go, and if someone else came and removed it, then it should stay removed, and if it was left there, then it would stay. Hunter cape (t).png Sentra246Blue hallowe'en mask.png 08:46, November 19, 2011 (UTC)
And I quote, "
/ and / have both achieved 400m combined experience in a skill (Agility and Cooking respectively), by gaining 200m experience on both their accounts."
^That is the change you originally made after coming across the issue. You had no problem simply listing the 400m's. Jebrim 08:50, November 19, 2011 (UTC)
I have a suggestion. How about no names, no tables. Simply write "Some players have found a way to surpass the 200M experience limitation by using a second account to track experience beyond 200M." in the Trivia section. Or reword it in a way that you guys better agree with. This way people are informed that there is a method used by some players to train XP beyond 200M, without having to do this whole fight with proof or names. Jebrim 09:45, November 19, 2011 (UTC)
That was what I decided to put then, as it was simple, but I have since changed my opinion, which I am allowed to do. I would not be against adding something in trivia like "Some players have created secondary accounts to continue training skills once they have hit the 200M experience cap. Hunter cape (t).png Sentra246Blue hallowe'en mask.png 09:57, November 19, 2011 (UTC)
Okay. How about one addition to the end? "as a means of tracking experience beyond 200M." Or atleast some mention that the purpose of it was to continue tracking XP. Otherwise, people would just stick to their mains. Jebrim 10:08, November 19, 2011 (UTC)


Why delete? its a page about one of the greatest (or life-less) achievements in RuneScape.

Thenubwithgp 15:53, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

aha, i got a signature now :P

Talk to me! Commander Valde Valeo Adv. Log Talk to me! 19:52, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

You can view comments on the article's deletion here. Smithing (talk | contribs) 20:38, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

So.. F2P

So what are we gonna do about this? I know at least 3 F2Pers with 200m cook (and there's many more I bet).. Jagex is seriously unrealistic, instead of removing all of F2P from highscores, you couldn't just remove like.. accounts inactive for 3 months? -.- Press here for cookies TalkZaros symbol.png 16:02, November 26, 2011 (UTC)

No idea. We not don't have an accurate count of the number of accounts with 200m experience in a skill, so this should probably be noted somewhere in the article. Suppa chuppa Talk 22:13, November 26, 2011 (UTC)

This page has been updated incorectly by the looks of it. The # of people with X amount of 200m stats table is incorrect. It's showing only 1 person has 9-14 stats at 200m when there are actually 2. Someone should fix that. I'm not sure how to fix that properly so not going to attempt it.

I updated the table with number of players with x amount of skills at 200m. Unfortunately, with nearly 1300 skills at 200m, it's hard to find the actual numbers. Hopefully others can help add to it but it's now an approximation using past numbers. Looks better number wise but maybe someone can make the table itself look better. I couldn't upload my own table.

I've shortened your table and moved it to 200 million experience/frequency. Suppa chuppa Talk 22:00, January 3, 2012 (UTC)

I found sources for milestones which occured before this page was created

Ranged - 24th February 2007

Defence - 18th January 2007

No date, but Miles himself confirmed it, check edit history

Attack - 11th December 2006

Thieving - 19th November 2006

This is where it gets difficult

Firemaking - Before 22th March 2006

Cooking - Before 8th February 2006

Fletching - Before 8th February 2006

Sources for first in Fletching and Cooking?

As much as I researched I couldn't find any information confirming the date of xxx Neo xxx7's fletching and Eve340's cooking. This forum thread shows they were both before 8th February 2006 but I couldn't find anything earlier.

Wiki page hacked (first to 200 M XP section) - page needs to be reverted

At 12:04 UTC, December 17, 2012‎ a person at I.P. hacked our 200 M experience wiki page and put in several incorrect names in the first to 200 M XP section.

I thought the table looked weird when I was reading it. S U  O  M I was not the first to 200 M XP mining, and Jebrim was not the first to 200 M XP agility. The hacker changed the first person to 200 M XP in numerous other skills too.

Can someone revert the page to before the vandalism? I'd do it myself, but there have been intermediate changes made since, so "undo" cannot be used here.

~~ Umopapisdn (talk) 16:54, December 17, 2012 (UTC)

S U  O  M I first to 200M XP in all skills

It is Saturday February 9, 2013 and S U  O  M I is sitting on the highscore tables with 4,999,999,998 total XP. I remember 1 week (2 weeks?) ago that he had <50 M XP to go to reach 200 M XP in Thieving, the only skill in which he didn't have 200 M XP.

I haven't been following the highscores table frequently/closely enough, but somewhere in the last week (or last two weeks?) he reached 199,999,998 XP in Thieving and is simply waiting to celebrate during a 200 M XP Thieving party.

Does anyone know when he reached 4,999,999,998 total XP? (because that is effectively when he reached 5 billion XP, not counting waiting to get 2 XP to actually get the 5 billion total XP during a celebration) 06:47, February 9, 2013 (UTC)

Edit Request

Can someone change the table width of the table 'First players to achieve x amount of skill(s) with 200 million experience' so that S U O M I's name isn't cut off onto 2 lines? It's bugging me when I read the table, and it looks kinda untidy too.  I'd do it myself but It only lets you eidt in source mode and I don;t want to screw up the rest of the page or something. Thanks.04ismailjj6 (talk) 12:33, April 23, 2013 (UTC)

Edit Request?

Can someone add this trivia point?

  • On 6 April 2013, Dungeoneering became the first skill to exceed 1,000 players with 200m experience.

Here's the proof

I think we 1k players is a significant enough milestone we should note it, especially since none of the other skills are close. 04ismailjj6 (talk) 14:55, June 26, 2013 (UTC)

Accuracy issues

"If a player has 200M experience in a skill and another player achieves 200M experience in the same skill at a later time, the former will be ranked higher unless banned."

This isn't aligned with observation. Check for example Zezima's rank over the past few months, for example for Dungeoneering.

  • July 11, 2013 - XP: 200M; Rank: 782
  • April 11, 2013 - XP: 200M; Rank: 795
  • March 27, 2014 - XP: 200M; Rank: 736

As you can clearly see, people with 200M are not ranked by date whatsoever. -- 14:12, April 11, 2014 (UTC)

If people who ranked higher than Zezima got banned, they lose their spot in the hiscores, and people below them move up a spot. IP83.101.44.209 (talk) 14:53, April 11, 2014 (UTC)
That's exactly the problem... That would ONLY explain how his rank could have gone DOWN. But his rank also went back up. (I.E. someone MUST have passed him!).
Suppose I rank 2nd. Your explanation cannot account for how I can suddenly rank 5th. And that's exactly what happened to Zezima in Thieving. He is now ranked 4. NONE of the other 4 players are banned. They all still ranked. How do you account for that change? -- 18:50, April 11, 2014 (UTC)
Yes, apparently I skimmed over the numbers too quickly and missed it had gone up as well. Can't offer an explanation for that, I'm afraid. Maybe someone else has a bright idea. IP83.101.44.209 (talk) 03:39, April 12, 2014 (UTC)
Simple. If someone who got 200m xp before Zezima is added back onto the hiscores, they will rank higher in that skill. Ranks are ordered based on the time you got the achievement; it doesn't matter if you were banned or whatnot. Smithing (talk | contribs) 17:23, April 14, 2014 (UTC)
No so simple. He went from 4th thieving to 2nd. ALL four people are still in the highscore. So your explanation doesn't work. No one got banned, no one was added back into the high scores. -- 08:43, April 15, 2014 (UTC)
No, there were people above him who were removed from the hiscores, that's why he went from 4th to 2nd. You do know that people can be removed not just because they were banned? From November 21, 2011 to the March 31 update, only members could be ranked on the hiscores. After the update, any non-member who has not logged in since the update, or any non-member who has not logged in for 90 days, is not featured on the hiscores. One player that was not featured immediately before the 31 March update but was added back in after is Undead Kenny, since he was a non-member. Elishot was also not included in the hiscores before the update, most likely for the same reason. This explains why Zezima went from 2nd to 4th. Smithing (talk | contribs) 17:12, April 15, 2014 (UTC)

Removed from hiscores but returned

If for whatever reason a player who reached 200m on a skill has been removed from hiscores but then returned, does he/she retain the rank that was previously his/her's or does he go to the rank where the lastest player reached 200m? For example, if he/she was the 500th player to hit 200m Mage but was removed from hiscores (due to inactivity), then returned 3 months later with 100 more players on the 200m Mage list, does he/she get ranked 500th or 601? Puretppc (talk) 15:01, April 2, 2015 (UTC)

He or she will #601, but I don't know when one gets removed from the hiscores. Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) 18:32, April 2, 2015 (UTC)

This is explained in the section right above this one. They retain the rank they had previously, rank 500 in this case. You can easily check this by looking up RuneTracker stats for some of the top players. E.g., Alkan lost one rank in Dungeoneering, Cooking, and Fletching in the past week. Smithing (talk | contribs) 00:56, April 4, 2015 (UTC)

RSC xp

So...-536M xp --Jlun2 (talk) 18:27, September 17, 2015 (UTC)

Should the Ironman sections for "First players to achieve x number of skill(s) with 200 million experience" be moved to the 'List of Ironman firsts' page?

This was already done for the "First players to achieve 200 million experience in a skill" section in the past. Seems it would be good for consistency. One problem with this is that the List of Ironman firsts page states "Only goals that are announced as global Server-wide Announcements are added to this list", though it also later states "There are no special global announcements for first ironman to 200m experience in a skill" so both of these statements could be updated to allow for the change; perhaps something to the effect of "Only goals that are announced as global Server-wide Announcements are added to this list, with the exception of 200 million XP achievements as there are no special global announcements for the first ironmen to achieve these". --Zants (talk) 06:13, February 19, 2017 (UTC)

Sounds good, I'd say be bold and do it! Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) 15:46, February 19, 2017 (UTC)

Update Please?

Why isn't this updated since May 10th?  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) on 04:31, 24 May 2018.

There used to be a wiki bot that automatically updated the totals each day, however it broke sometime last year and since then some people have manually updated Module:Hiscore counts (which is the source for the data shown on this page). Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) 07:02, May 24, 2018 (UTC)
It's been updated. It took 30 minutes by hand Template:Signatures/Ciphrius Kane 07:43, May 24, 2018 (UTC)
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