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A little busy at the moment, but could someone provide a link to said PFtH? Sir Revan125 21:58, 27 April 2008 (UTC)

I know you asked almost a year ago, but the link might be usful to someone: [ Postbag From the Hedge number 20] MarkGyver 21:15, 28 March 2009 (UTC)
In [ Postbag From the Hedge number 20] it says that the Fremennik will go to Acheron after the Dagannoth have been dealt with. *SPOILER FOLLOWING* During blood runs deep you trap the Mother leaving Dagannoth no longer a threat. This could mean Acheron will be released soon? Darvald 08:32, June 15, 2010 (UTC)

Possible links to Zaros?

Hello, Thorvald of the Fremennik themed clan Midgard here, and I am writing this to share some theories I have about possible links Acheron might have to Zaros. I have had these views for several months now, and I have been biding my time to see them appear on this article or here on the talk page, it apparently seems like nobody has made the connection. Everyone that I have shared my views with agrees that they seem likely, so here goes:

I believe Acheron is going to be the location of the quest where Zaros is reborn (eventually), or at least linked to him on some level. Go to Thessalia's Makeovers (Varrock Clothes store), and browse the colour options, scroll to the bottom and you shall see a certain "Acheron Purple" option there. I'm sure everyone who knows a shred about Zaros knows that his colour is purple. It cannot be a coincidence, Acheron and Zaros are both upcoming content and nobody knows where He will make his return.

I also believe (this is purely speculation now) that Acheron was Zaros's original point of entry into Gielinor too. To me it makes perfect sense. Runescape lore and history states that Zaros's empire included the land now known as the Wilderness, but it doesn't state where he came from. I personally believe he appeared on Acheron, gained the support of any indigenous locals, and sailed south - the sheer size of the Wilderness means it would have likely been where he landed and began his conquest. This also explains why Ghorrock is so well fortified to have lasted such a long time, a base of operations while he conquered the Wilderness.

Lastly, I also believe 100% that this penguin "Motherland" is Acheron. "Some Like It Cold" (Penguin quest 3) is already confirmed to be coming out in 2012, I believe this quest line shall reach it's conclusion on Acheron and that other quest lines shall start and continue there too. If anyone wants to add me ingame to discuss this further with me, my current display name is "Remus Drakan"."MOOOOONN!!!" *Blasts Moon, destroying it* 17:26, April 6, 2012 (UTC)


Ur speculation on Acheron makes alot of sense i.m.o. I would like to discuss it with you as well but it says the name Remus Drakn is that of an uknown player. Also I believe that if Zaros does come from Acheron then once Acheron is released Rs will soon end cuz seems to me Zaros's history is the last thing we shall uncover on Runescape.

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