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In the article, it says that Aeonisig is believed to be one of the conspirators during the Legacy of Seergaze quest. Can anyone give more specific details about when this conversation took place and what it was about? Does anyone have the dialogue from this conversation? Thanks.-- 13:44, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

This may be old, but I'll reply to it.

He may very well be. Infact, he probably IS the Saradominist one. The robes and the hair looks remarkably the same as Aeonisig. It may not be confirmed, but it will be because we all know that the hair gives it away, as well as the chathead and model.

See for yourself and tell me if that is not true.

Just watch, this theory will be true.

~Sereniama~ | PageTalkWiki Contributions | 10:27, April 30, 2016 (UTC)

his robes

Did anybody see how his robeskirt looks like Void knight's, who are Guthixian, and his robetop seems to resemble a saradominist version of Void knight top? it's kinda strange, for somebody who hates every other religion. Quest point cape detail Brux Talk 21:36, September 14, 2009 (UTC)
Yeah, I think that he's actually at least part Guthixian. As a Guthixian myself, I'm not going to cry conspiracy, just raise the idea that perhaps he is in charge of keeping the Edicts working? Though his role in trying to get Roald to get rid of them in Darkness in Hallowvale doesn't exactly lend credence to my theory... All I can think about with his extremist views though and the Void robes is "Methinks you doth protest too much" - he's presenting an extremist Saradomist view with Guthixian robes.. fishy, fishy. Anyway, this is all just rambling and plotting. (I think that one religion we can definitely rule out is Zamorakian or any of the "War Gods" - with his reluctance to allow Roald to send troops into Mortyania, he doesn't have nearly enough bloodlust or love of chaos to follow them!) --Teri (: 00:17, June 19, 2011 (UTC)

The role itself of him.

It's clearly seen several time how saradominists react about guthixians, eh? This fella, how ever, appers to b e differrent, since of the voidy robes, hmmh.. As he so much cares over the Edicts, it's understandable, ain't? So of the robes, they'd surely hint that he has some allies with Void knights, perhaps, perhaps knowing quite well over the Edicts, yet, myself now, i has fancy hunch about this fella, really. How's it fit if he was actually one of main charater of the mysterious group to bring the Edicts down, then!?

I think your all wrong

i dont think he is guthaxian at all. for a start lots of characters use the models of some armour but different colours and designs etc. this could just be a coincidence.

second is that saradomin himself upholds his part of the bargain with reference to the edicts, so any devout saradomanist would do the same right

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