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I just wanted to note why I made the changes I did again on 7-19-2011. I left the food orders in this time, just put them second, since I think they are less important than the rewards. Personally, I think that the food orders is a completely useless block of text, since there has never been a noticeable difference between the hard customers. I would nominate that being removed completely. If someone is worried that there are differences between the food orders for different hard customers, this section really should be added to all the other hard deliverees' pages. As a frequent player of gnome cuisine, however, I don't think that food orders are either useful or interesting. The list of rewards may not be particularly useful either, but they are interesting. The other changes I made were to make Captain Ninto match all the other hard customers in gnome cuisine. If you feel like changing any of that formatting (including calling it "tips:" rather than "tips (rewards):"), please change it on all the other characters too, at risk of offending a slightly ocd person who likes things to match :) Honeycomb14 08:39, July 20, 2011 (UTC)honeycomb14

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