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Cat Day of appearance
Anukat All days
Bestopet All days
Oedipuss All days
Hetepheres Sunday
Lucifurr Tuesday
Jenifurr All days
Katarina All days
Shebit All days
Takhuit Wednesday
Catsanova All days
The Postcat All days
Fenekh Thursday
Tefimhet All days
Nodjmet Friday
Blanchy Saturday (see #Blanchy bug)
Qat All days

Feel free to add to the table above. Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) 09:23, June 6, 2017 (UTC)

Watch here for another source of information; "Collectables" then "Cats". Borithel (talk) 20:30, June 8, 2017 (UTC)
I think the reason why Blanchy was standing still all day Saturday is due to an error in the code for allowing movement. My guess is that his movement code accidentally got assigned to Qat, hence why Qat was able to escape his house back on Thursday, June 8th. Mel Kazul 9:15, June 11, 2017 (UTC)

Tier 9 glitch

table says you can get after t9 rep in port, but just opened door and got him at t4 port Mamabear47 (talk) 09:05, June 13, 2017 (UTC)

Technically you do need t9 rep in port to open the door. Due to a bug (confirmed June 12th, 2017 by Mod Curse on twitter) other players can run through the doors as it open and closes. User:Mel Kazul (talk)Mel Kazul (talk) 09:46, June 13, 2017 (UTC)
I've moved this discussion outside the table so it doesn't become a mess. :P Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) 10:05, June 13, 2017 (UTC)
I've removed the mention of this glitch from the table because it was patched in the June 19th, 2017 update.Mel Kazul (talk) 21:16, June 19, 2017 (UTC)

Blanchy bug

on w99 he was stuck in place, unsure if this is consistent on other worlds.

I believe this was fixed with yesterdays update? Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) 10:06, June 13, 2017 (UTC)
I would assume so but we won't really know for sure until Saturday. I do know that the bug was consistent across all worlds, because I world hopped all the English language servers to locate the spawn points for the daily cats. Mel Kazul (talk) 10:18, June 13, 2017 (UTC) 10:15, June 13, 2017 (UTC)
Last saturday I found Blanchy stuck at the spawn in the Port district. Perhaps it was fixed yesterday, but last week at least it was not fixed. Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) 07:49, June 20, 2017 (UTC)
Blanchy still seems to be stuck. He spent all day Saturday standing around the Merchant district on w60. Mel Kazul (talk) 06:01, July 3, 2017 (UTC)
Out of curiosity I went on a hunt for Blanchy today. I found him in the Ports district still unable to move.User:Mel Kazul/Signature 22:46, October 7, 2017 (UTC)
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