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More Info about Boric Tasks

I get stucked on the second task. Can anyone put the location map?

I am also having trouble with Task 2. It is the part of attaching the Cannon Part to the Cannon. There are people on the Runescape forums with this problem also. Could it be due to a new udate 22/11/12 02:36, November 22, 2012 (UTC)Mad MalBrown

With regards to the second task from Doric, please provide a hyperlink to the Death Plataeu quest guide. Thanks. 13:00, January 3, 2013 (UTC)

On Boric task Port Khazard Mine doesn't work but mine from Fight Arena to east does. 1/3/2013 12:59 PM UTC

Used Superheat Item to smelt the 60 Mithril Bars for Task 6, and smithed in Varrock. Skulgrimen did not accept the warhammers. Bought 60 Mithril Bars on Grand Exchange and smithed on Doric's anvil, and Skulgrimen accepted them then. Not sure if tasks are tempermental with Superheat Item being used or if the Mithril Warhammers order for Task 6 demanded Doric's anvil?

Tried mining at all the areas for task two and killed all five living rock things; boric says I haven't finished. Has anyone encountered this/know how to fix? 19:34, July 19, 2014 (UTC)

Borics task 2

Im stuck in the second part of Borics tasks. I need to kill the creature at Port Khazard mine, but I have mined like 4 bags of different ores; the brawler hasnt spawned yet.. Any clue? User:HenDaBen/Sig 18:59, November 5, 2014 (UTC)

Borisk Tasks renovations trivia

One of the trivia points says

  • As you complete Boric's tasks, the pile of ore near the underground furnace will be upgraded. Once the 3rd task has been completed, the pile will consist of runite ore. The nearby mine cart will also be upgraded, but only to adamant.

I didn't find this to be true.  In fact, it looked like a rune pile and an adamant cart before I did the tasks, so I didn't notice a change.  Did these upgrade because of the Doric tasks instead?  I'm thinking this bit of trivia is false.

Moldrum (talk) 03:00, January 26, 2015 (UTC)

Gofannon amulet charges/bonus xp

This article should be updated to provide information on how bonus XP is earned via the Gofannon amulet. While the game does still tell you how many "charges" you receive on the amulet each time you complete a task, this information isn't really that pertinent anymore, since the amulet is drained of charges to get bonus XP, rather than worn for activating charges. It would be better if the rewards under each task showed the actual amount of bonus XP awarded from the amulet. I thought perhaps there was a formula for charges to bonus XP but I am not sure. I did not note all the XP awards, but I did note some. Perhaps someone else can add in the rest of the information? I also want to make sure that charges drained are the same XP for both mining and smithing before updated the article. Thoughts?

-Doric Task #7 - 60k bonus (Chose mining)
-Doric Task #8 - 60k bonus (Chose smithing)

-Boric Task #1 - 4,500 Charges, 4,500 BXP (Mining)
(Will update the rest as Boric tasks are completed)

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