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Soul runes

i don't believe soul runes can be crafted in dungeoneering/daemonheim. i have lvl 91 runecrafting and i have no option to craft them, and the runescape game guide has no information about level required and doesnt not mention them being craftable in daemonheim Starcrater 19:56, June 18, 2010 (UTC)

i cant

i tried to make a water staff in the dungeon but it just keeps saying "nothing interesting happens" are u sure a f2p player can make a water staff? unknown author

Crafting Blood Runes

Is it possible to craft blood runes in P2P dungeoneering with 77 runecrafting, but without the "Legacy of Seergaze" quest completed?


I have now levelled up enough in runecrafting to answer the question myself... You don't need any quests to craft blood runes in dungeoneering. Having runecrafting level 77 is sufficient.


This is too cool!

So if Jagex is pushing all the skills to 120 levels, this is the one skill no-one will be able to train cheaply in Daemonheim. ROF-LOL&PM! -- PIKWIT 23:12, September 7, 2011 (UTC)

EOC - Empowering Staves

Has anyone else noticed with EOC, you can now only imbue Catalytic and Empowered Catalytic Staves?

I have tried, but my imbuing interface only gives those 2 as options.  Using a Tier 1-4 fletched staff (Tangle Gum - Utuku) does nothing.  Tier 5-9 only gives the option to imbue Catalytic (Spinebeam to Entagallow), Tier 10 (Gravecreeper) and ONLY with 99 RC, you get an option to do empowered Catayltic.  You no longer even get an option to do empower air staves

- Anon