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I'm not entirely sure how to format this. Anyways, I noticed that there isn't a Lvl 30 - 40 on the page. If someone could fill that in I'd be grateful? Uuuh. Bye. 05:54, June 7, 2013 (UTC) GielinFinest

Inconsistency on the best xp method proposed

This page claims that the best xp/h is reached by mining/dropping rune essences. However, later in this page, iron ore mining (and banking) has a greater rate. Thus, there is an inconsistency with the training information.

Personally, I would recommend to mine rune essence (most afkable method in f2p) until lvl 30 (?), then switch to iron (when mining them becomes almost always near-instantaneous), until lvl 99.

Another potential method (mostly based on luck) would be to use the dungeonnering mining nodes, but I don't know how does this compare with iron mining.

Yeah, mining iron is a competitive method for training Mining beyond levels 30-40+.

Zwliew (talk) 03:13, June 26, 2017 (UTC)

Recommendation of a bronze pickaxe for mining rune essence

Is there a reason why a bronze pickaxe is recommended for mining rune essence as compared to any other pickaxe? I haven't been able to find any noticeable difference between using a bronze pickaxe and a rune pickaxe.

Zwliew (talk) 16:55, June 25, 2017 (UTC)

This article feels so, SO gutted. Please add back a historical methods section!

Hi, So looking at the guide as it is today, only one method listed, taking players all the way from 1-99. It is seriously disheartening and disappointing.

I think I already left a similar comment last year on another Free-to-play * training Talk page, which was similarly barren, devoid of all fun and without any diverse ways to train, completely gutted to the absolute essentials and no trivia nor any alternative methods were presented.

Where did the training milestones / steps go? I remember extremely detailed breakdowns such as: From level 1 to 7 do this, from 7 to 10 do that, from 10 to 12 go back here, from 12 to 15 return to there, from 15 to 30 grind here, or alternatively do this quest and then train just half a level more, from 30 to 45 grind there, then quest x is unlocked, do it and you will be taken all the way to level 54, grind out the remaining half to 55 to unlock method y, and so on... I miss sections like that.

I like varying up the different skilling locations and training methods. There's too much focus here on presenting just the most efficient, but also the most boring, least profitable method. This game is supposed to be fun, skills should not be reduced to an idle game (I do love idle games, but I will not idle 1-99 mining in my nostalgic MMORPG!) of pure mechanics, akin to a spreadsheet simulator. Drop mining iron from 60 to 99 was bad enough of a grind pre-EoC. Now, years later, we have had several skilling updates, new mining minigames, and yet... here we are still, drop-mining rune ess 1-99.

In conclusion, please do not erase hundreds of thousands of characters from the page, undoing years' worth of research, just because something better came along with easyscape. Especially since in this case it's probably not here to stay! Who will go through pages upon pages of history to restore the former methods once this weird bug gets fixed? It is a bug, allows bronze pickaxe to speed-mine essence faster than rune/dragon pickaxes ever could. And here we are, abusing a broken game mechanic, and meanwhile definitely not having any fun. Bring back the good old "mine copper and tin in equal amounts until you unlock iron" style of guides. If not here then over at Free-to-play Mining training/History or Free-to-play Mining training/Former methods. Yes, even if the XP rate is far worse than this bug abusing method. Thanks, 3ICE (talk) 02:09, February 24, 2018 (UTC)

This is what I want to keep. [1] and [2] both diffs point to content removed by User:IsobelJ, the first deleting around 3k characters, the latter removing over 13,000 and is sneakily marked as a minor edit when it clearly isn't - quite major rewrite when you erase half the page. (The m makes edit-patrolling human-bots not revert vandalism occasionally, or make it less likely to go noticed - because it is ignored by some tools.) But that's beside my point. 3ICE (talk) 19:47, February 25, 2018 (UTC)
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