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Elite Clues require for unlock

Theorycrafting here. Assume only getting points from elite clues. Individually, it would need 162 clues (1504 pts) for jacket, 108 clues (1008 pts) for shorts, 56 clues (504 pts) for boots, 84 clues (752 pts) for armsguard, 130 clues (1208 pts) for backpack. However the actual total should only be 500 clues (5008 pts) for the whole set. Although logically most will likely to unlock the backpack first for the ability to reroll clue scrolls. If one only do the 2 elite clues from Skeletal horror and Player-owned house only, it will take 5 years + 2 months + 2 weeks to unlock the whole set. Gspbeetle (talk) 07:05, March 4, 2018 (UTC)

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