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can someone add which fairy ring to use to get closest to the swarm location please.


I think they are weak against slash weapons.

Pokemario10 14:17, 18 April 2009 (UTC) Battle report Arrived with 10 Swordfish and following values for Slayer assignment: Melee Defence (192, 193, 180) Lunge attack, stab +38 Combat level 67, ASD 54, 53, 53 Left after consuming all 10 swordfish, killing 80 swarms Inventory (High Alch, GE) 4410 Coins (-, -) 900 Fire runes (1800(unrealistic), 8100) 45 Chaos Runes (3240, 4365) 7 Green Charm (420, -) 1 Gold Charm (60, -) 7 Gold Ore (630, 3157) 4 Steel Hatchets (480, 400) 3 Staffs of Fire (2700, 2706) 2 Full Steel Helmets (660, 1396) 1 Mithril Chain Body (1170, 1267) Total value, assuming you keep the charms and sell the rest on the GE 22,554 Slayer 2000 points, ASD ~2766 (at 80*26*1.33)

Iownfear 21:01, June 25, 2011 (UTC) just got 150 Onyx Bolts drop from these... couldn't believe it ;)

They are weak to stab attacks and fire spells, i added the part where they drop uncut dragonstones because i got 1 from them.

I got a Blue Charm from them but the chart says 0% chance. Can someone fix that?

There's nothing to fix. The chance of getting a blue is so rare that the percentages round it to 0%. You just got insanely lucky. (:
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I think jug of wine and clue scroll medium are an "uncommon" drop, and watermelon seed is not "uncommon" I have kill more than 100 and got like 10 jug of wine and not even one watermelon

Fast way to complete the assignment.

A very fast way to do this assignment is to use a dwarf multicannon. I spent about 80 cannonballs worth ~16k and got about 16k worth of items and gold back. It's not very economical but at least it's fast slayer points and xp, and a little bit of range xp. They have low health and barely react when shot, and even if they do react you can easily outrun them so the cannon can keep on shooting at everything.

But of course, be respectful of other players, don't use it when there's anyone else there unless they're fine with it.Dirnaith 13:00, October 25, 2011 (UTC)

Fire rune drops nerfed?

I noticed a sharp decline in the quantity of fire rune drops (as well as the number of runes recieved. I can't say I got more than 30 in any individual drop). Can anyone confirm? 17:08, May 28, 2012 (UTC)I don't think so as they drop fire runes quite frequently, but I do think there is a sharp drop (or actually totally removal?) of Chaos Rune drops

I just felt like telling the wiki that harpie bug swarms also can drop loop half of a key.

I think it's between "rare" and "very rare" since it took me over 180 of thm to get one.

Hope this helps / n0m3gu5t4

", and are also a good source for fire runes." is definitely incorrect since the PvM rune nerf update. — S a l (talk) 16:16, October 26, 2014 (UTC)

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