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Damage testing

Comparative data against the statement that the 10% boost makes the bow equivalent to t88:

Piercing shot damage vs mage-style dummy

Weapon Min Hit Max Hit Note
Hexhunter (t80 +10%) 744 2189 (w/ 166 str bonus)
Dual Ascensions (t90) 734 2156 (w/ 169 str bonus)
Decimation (t87) 718 2107 (w/ 166 str bonus)
Hexhunter (t80) 685 2004 (w/ 166 str bonus)

Precise 5 and Equilibrium 2, regular overload, and anguish on in all 3 cases.

Gear setups were roughly a tier 80 slayer loadout. Ascension tester had slightly higher armour bonus since I don't own the weapons. Other tests didn't show any significant change in the ordering of the damage of each setup. 09:09, January 11, 2018 (UTC)

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