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A hint of personal experience

While the main article suggests that Protect from Missiles is the way to go against the Ice Troll King, you should really see the The Fremennik Isles quest guide before you fight the Ice Troll King. It definitely pays off to wear the recommended Yak-hide armour and the Fremennik round shield as suggested. In my experience (at level 80 combat, 67 attack, 65 strength and 62 defence and 67 hitpoints) the Fremennik armour seems to be most effective against the Ice Troll King. I personally used the following:

1. Full recommended armour (Yak-hide) as recommended by the King of Neitiznot (e.g. Yak-hide armour (body), Yak-hide armour (legs) and Fremennik round shield)

2. I additionally wore: Amulet of glory, Black spiky vambs, Dragon med helm (only approx. 60k at time of writing) and used a Dragon scimitar and Dragon dagger p++ although the dagger was unnecessary only acted as a finisher weapon with the special attacks. For all those who do not think that they can face the Ice Troll King at around my level, be assured that it is not difficult - the guards outside were more of a problem than the king himself.

3. The only food I brought myself was a few sharks (although these were not at all necessary with me ending up simply wasting my food at the end) as if you are doing the quest, you are given 10 tuna, 3 prayer potions (3) and 4 strength potions (3). This is more than enough to fight the king without extra food.

4. The prayer I used myself was Protect from Magic which seemed to work fine although Protect from Missiles is a worthy alternative. Altogether the king was only able to hit 2s and 1s on me at max and I was able to hit up to 16s with the above set-up.

5. VERY IMPORTANT: You MUST remember to bring an Amulet of glory or a similar item as a teleport is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This is because, when you have fought the king, you do not want to fight your way back through the trolls to get back. It is easier to just teleport out to a bank and use your lyre (which you should really keep charged).

Altogether, this is a message to all those around my level who want to do this quest and have any doubts at all about whether or not they can do so.

Have fun!

Tekreloaded 21:06, 7 October 2008 (UTC)

Death and such

anyway i disagree with what protection prayer you should use. personally, when i did this i put on protect from ranged, the ice troll king knocked me back when i got close to him. i hit the wall and it did around 8 damage, now heres the thing, if you get stuck against a wall with a protection prayer like ranged, you will be repeatedly knocked back into the wall due to the ice troll king's magic attack. at first i thought this attack was melee but, after i put on protect from melee, i was still tossed like a doll. and at that point, i was eating my lobsters and tuna like crazy. i died nevertheless only to find out that the attack in question is magic, and if you put on protect from mage, you will be able to avoid that attack. Whitemage900 01:07, 11 December 2008 (UTC)

This attack you are talkiing about is mele! but the prayer DOES NOT work with the troll king

Strategy section is highly confused

Edit: Ended up fixing it myself - much better now =)


One little question: I have a godsword, and so cannot use the Fremennik round shield. Is this really a problem?

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