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Degradability of adorned garments?

When asked about the clothes obtainable at the Polypore Dungeon, the merchant says that, "...the flakes fall off after a while, so folks come back to get more flakes from Ladyship's pets." Assuming that this is most likely true, has anyone noted this about the armours (e.g. a rightclick to check charge, or (degraded)/etc somewhere in their names after use)? And I'm not sure if this is the best place to put this topic, but I figured it was better than adding it to each "(fungus type here) web armour" page; by all means, move it if it should be moved.

The Mycelium web armour has better magic defence than the same peices of Runecrafter robes and Ghostly robes.

He's right. The Mycelium armour gives the same magic attack and more magic defence than ghostly robes.

Those absorption rates...

Are WAY off.

Best Mage Bonuses for 1 Defence

"Mycelium Web armour is currently the 3rd highest mage bonus gear available to level 1 defence characters, behind Ghostly robes and Runecrafter robes although the Mycelium gear requires no stats to obtain or wield."

Doesn't Elemental armour give more mage defence bonus? I am currently wearing Elemental helmet/body/shield/boots, and I get +23 magic defence. (My defence level is 1.) Graahk (talk) 22:17, September 8, 2012 (UTC)

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