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I highly recommend checking the Advanced Monster Blocking guide on Tip.It forums (located in their Archive of Wisdom). It reads a bit like an instructional manual and is extremely valuable to understanding in-game movement mechanics (and there by safe spots).

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Horizontal Rule

One thing i have nocticed about NPC and automatic player movments is that they move East/West Before North/South (hence the name horzontal rule) Player can use this to there advantage as by standing north of a corner the NPC will try and walk E/W into the blockage insted of N/S around it.

However this fails to work on the barrows brother since they random move around when your safe spotting stopping it from working

Safe spot in Polypore resource dungeon

This pic just illustrates one of the good safespots for Ganodermic beasts in the resource dungeon.

[[File:Ganodermic beast safe spot.jpg|thumb|234px|Safe spotting in Polypore resource dungeon.]]

 Sal  21:46, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

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