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Only melee or also ranged?

Does attack and strength mean melee only or ranged attack and strength also?--Armadyl helmetLong Live ArmadylArmadyl helmet 20:39, 2 April 2009 (UTC)

Only melee attack and strength. Prayer Jedi Talk HS Log Tracker Summoning 18:02, 23 April 2009 (UTC)


Does Salve amulet work on Vyrewatch? Do they count as undead? Mamabear47 20:38, 6 June 2009 (UTC)

No, they are not undead. Just some-sort of vampire/vamyre. . . . Yours, Void Knight banner Enquidou Talk Quest Icon Crest . . 20:44, August 22, 2011 (UTC)

Void Stack?

Has anyone tested to see if the effects stack with Void armor? I'm skeptical at best. If i don't see a reply in a couple days, I'll begin testing myself. Tks LithiumTank 20:39, November 6, 2009 (UTC)

i was told that it dint stack with the amulet it strikes me the lack of high hitting that would come from when Ive witnessed players using both however Ive never own that helm myself Duckersmash3 16:34, January 27, 2010 (UTC)
Melee void and salve amulet (e) do indeed stack. I have tested this at armoured zombies for hours and hours, as well as doing some pretty deep research. If you look at the melee max hit calculator on runescape wiki, on the table of stacking-ness, they agree that void and salve stack.
It also makes perfect sense as salve increases attack and strength, and void increases maximum hit (and attack) Hunttila 18:02, September 18, 2010 (UTC)

The Article is Wrong

You cannot assume that 1 attack level is equal to 1 attack point? Where does this assumption come from??? Dark wizzie 21:27, December 25, 2009 (UTC) Dark Wizzie

Think about it, we can get extremely high boosts from weapons and things but the effect does not seem to go at the same rate as levels. A +99 slash bonus combined with level 1 attack is probably not the same as a +1 slash bonus combined with 99 attack. I'm pretty sure we have confirmed this is the case with strength, but since there is no easy way to see accuracy we can only assume. Cheese KaBob799 20:44, October 17, 2010 (UTC)
Where is the proof that this has been confirmed? Dark wizzie 18:00, May 6, 2012 (UTC)Dark wizzie

"Fury is always preferable when Slaying"


For slayer assignments against undead, however, if the player can use a Black mask or Slayer Helmet, then the Amulet of Fury is always preferable, since this amulet's bonuses stack with the mask's or helmet's bonuses, while the Salve amulet (e)'s attack and strength bonuses do not.

I'd question whether this is correct or not. It doesn't mention whether the bonuses of (Salve Amulet E + [for example] Neitiznot Helm) > (Black Mask + Fury). I'd be surprised if the Fury/BM combo is better. 11:02, May 9, 2011 (UTC)

I highly doubt that. Not only do most helms not offer any attack bonuses, and none anywhere near what a Fury does (Suprise, those matter to!), but a Fury also offers a higher str bonus, and a higher prayer bonus. The question comes to be wether or not a 20% boost of, lets use a common setup of a Nezzy, whip, Torso, dlegs, barrows gloves, salve ammy(e), dboots, ddef and ROW, is greater than the boost you get by replacing the nezzy with a slayer helm/black mask and the salve ammy (e) with a Fury.

The total slash atk bonus for the first setup is 110, and the str bonus is 111, 20% of which is 22 and 22.2, respectivly, giving boosted stats of 132 and 133.2.

For the second, the total stats are 125 atk and 119 str, which boosted by 15% come out to 143.8 atk and 130.3 str, making Fury the better choice, even without a Rapier.

Prayer and salve amulet (e)

Does the effect of the salve amulet stacks with any prayers which boost your attack or strength?

It probably does, similar to the black mask (but the black mask/slayer helmet do not stack with the salve (e)). . . . Yours, Void Knight banner Enquidou Talk Quest Icon Crest . . 20:47, August 22, 2011 (UTC)

Fury or Salve ?

So lets say that i train on ankous and im not on slayer task...

Is fury better choise over salve ?

What about Spiritual monsters (GWD: warrior, ranger mage)?

Don't those get effected/affected by these amulets, they're currently not listed, but seem like they would be a perfect candidate. . . . Yours, Void Knight banner Enquidou Talk Quest Icon Crest . . 18:14, May 4, 2014 (UTC)

This was addressed on release. They are not undead. MolMan 18:19, May 4, 2014 (UTC)


The unenchanted amulet's page says it doesn't stack with Void, but this page says it does (and also says that the unenchanted one stacks, as well).

Anyone have any idea which one is accurate? This is making me wish I checked it out when Sacrifice was useful for testing. Nothing special here. (talk) 23:06, May 14, 2014 (UTC)

Crawling Hand and undead list

Crawling Hands are pulled onto the effective monsters off the undead list, however Crawling Hand mentions them being living and unaffected by the amulet. 08:32, January 12, 2015 (UTC)

Mod Stu explains the undead group

If they're classed as undead within the lore of RuneScape, then they should now have been tagged as undead. This involved adding this tag individually to thousands of attackable configs on a case by case basis. That's a long list and a lot of them aren't very human-readable.

But here's a few noteworthy examples of undead:

  • incorporeal spirits, including ghosts, including apparitions, banshees, ghasts, shades, spectres, souls and wraiths
  • objects possessed by spirits (not demons or magical manipulation)
  • revenants
  • skeletons, skoblins and skogres
  • mummies
  • edimmu
  • zombies & undead body parts (eg crawling hands)
  • various named undead NPCs: Barrelchest, Tarn Razorlor, Dragith Nurn, Arrav, unholy cursebearer, gravecreeper, etc

And here's some that notably AREN'T undead, even though they sometimes are in other works:

  • vampyres - a race from Vampyrium
  • demons - a race from Infernus
  • shadows - light creatures corrupted by the Dark Lord
  • ghouls - feral humanoids that cannibalise rotten flesh
  • fae - tree spirits, dryads, nymphs, otherworldly beings, etc
  • the Grotesque / wall beasts - manifestation of Lumbridge swamp's corruption
  • skeletal wyverns - wyvern bones animated by dragonkin magic
  • Corporeal/Spirit beast - construct that devours spirit energy

Barrows Brothers are undead, but we had to make them immune to the salve amulet, undead perks, etc for balancing reasons.

We also had to do the same for dragons and demons to support their respective perks, but they're a little easier to classify than undead.

— Mod Stu [1]
  1. ^ Mod Stu. [1] RuneScape Forums.

5-x Talk 16:45, January 26, 2016 (UTC)

Spiritual Warrior/Ranger/Mage

Contrary to other posts (though most of them are old), these are all affected by the Salve Amulet (e) and I assume the regular version as well. I've tested w/ a gstaff and 85 mage. W/o salve my crit was around 4k, with salve (e) I crit roughly 4800 (20% increase) with non-crits being well over 4k. Gohn Jalt (talk) 14:14, November 8, 2016 (UTC)

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