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Where to catch?

I just reached level 5 fishing, and I'm looking for a place to catch sardines.

You can find a shop in Port Sarim. They sell for 10 gold pieces each. They also are near a noobie mining area near Lumbridge.

South of Draynor.

store price

Harry's Fishing Shop in Catherby will buy this fish for 7 coins raw, the previous version stated 17 coins raw. What store can it be sold to for 17 coins if my update was wrong?

How to cook?

For some reason, whenever I try to cook this or a herring, it says "You can't cook that on a fire." or "You can't cook that on a range." Can someone tell me how to cook this?

-- You can't cook a sardine, because a sardine is already a cooked raw sardine. Likewise for any other fish.


how do u cook them ???????????????????


Once you get fishing lvl 25, you can catch pike, how do I get sardines and not pike?

I just burned one at 36 cooking. is that significant?

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