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CSI Waiko

Has anyone investigated the "Functional" items? Flag, hammock, deck chair, Maoi, Seiryu's fang, House. Okay, the flag is important - it lets you claim an island and return to it. Hammock - even if it's more cosmetic than functional since it lets you change the time of day the sky appears as - it's something Runescape players have been asking for. Seiryu's fang is definitely a functional item since it's needed to make the spear. House lets you teleport so it does have a use. But what does the Deck Chair do if it's a "functional item"? Same thing with the Maoi - what does the Maoi do if it's a functional item? Umopapisdn (talk) 22:42, July 27, 2016 (UTC)

(a) You need to play in the NXT client in order to use the hammock; otherwise you get the message, "This hammock allows you to change the time of day when playing in the NXT client." (b) The deck chair is decorational. I would fathom it is listed under "Functional" in Waiko's Item Shop due to the fact that you can left-click on it to sit on the deck chair. It is simply a lawn chair that can be recoloured by right-clicking it, changing its appearance from white and red stripes to white and blue stripes - that's it. (c) I've heard reports that the Maoi has some dialogue, but that is all that it does. -Gil Grissom. 06:53, September 2, 2016 (UTC)


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