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I recently obtained Agile Legs at 82 Agility. However, I failed almost half the times I went around the Gnome Agility Course using Summer Pies.

So therefore I believe "250 perfect laps" should have another sentence explaining that they don't have to be completed consecutively.

Maybe it is just my misinterpretation, but I was under the impression one had to complete 250 laps perfectly in a row.

- Unwatchable.

I don't know a good title name

I read the article; it says there are 6 items that can reduce your weight for a maximum of '-38.0' weight, but you can only wear 5 at a time, since there are two capes. ExclaiimerTCUSG

--> No, the article is correct.

I'm guessing your original post was somewhere between 19 January 2010 (after the weight reduction of the penance gloves was improved from -4.5 kg to -7.0 kg) and 29 April 2012 (one day before the introduction of the Runespan, which brought about three additional weight-reducing pieces of armour). The wiki article between 19 January 2010 and 29 April 2012 would have said there are six items that can reduce your weight by a maximum of '-38.0 kg':

Agile top: -12.0 kg

Agile legs: -10.0 kg

Spottier cape: -4.5 kg

Penance gloves: -7.0 kg

Boots of lightness: -4.5 kg

Total: -38.0 kg

The "-38.0 kg" uses the spottier cape's -4.5 kg (and ignores the -2.2 kg of the spotted cape, since you cannot wear a spotted cape at the same time as wearing a spottier cape).

~~penguin 03:33, May 10, 2012 (UTC)

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