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The words said when the book is used would be a good idea just like in the other book entries.

Why are the Unholy book pages soaring in price?

I understand they have been since the Elite treasure trails update, but I have no idea why, any suggestions?

I thought they would decrease as more people would attempt them? D:

I lost my Unholy Book that had all 4 pages in it. I went through every option with Jossik and he does not replace the book. He only offers to sell the original damaged book for 5,000 GP.

maybe the quest was forgotten until the update, so many players did the quest and want to complete their pages?--Qazwsx753421 20:16, March 26, 2011 (UTC)

We should define what the word "lost" means for replacing the book like dropping, selling, alching, dying, etc...--00:24, July 4, 2011 (PST)

One reason for the increasing price could be the increased rareness of book pages being received from clue scrolls, especially easy clues. Although every scroll now gives a "treasure trail exclusive" item, very often meerkat pouches/scrolls and teleport scrolls are given. With more total rewards since the update, less pages are awarded creating a shift in supply & demand. Level one clues are what pumped a majority of pages into the game before the update due to their ease of access, miniscule time to complete, and limited range of rewards.

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