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This article is about the perk. For other uses, see Talking (disambiguation).
Gives your gear more personality.
Release date 25 January 2016 (Update)
Gizmo type Weapon, Armour, Tool
Maximum rank 1

Talking is an Invention perk that gives equipment the ability to talk. When equipment with this perk is worn, chat lines occasionally appear in your chat window. It can be created in weapon, armour, and tool gizmos.


MaterialRarityPerk ranks with X materials
Living components.png
Living componentsUncommon11111
Organic parts.png
Organic partsCommon01111
Base parts.png
Base partsCommon01111
Brassican components.png
Brassican componentsRare11111
Simple parts.png
Simple partsCommon01111
Head parts.png
Head partsCommon01111


There are several possible characters that your equipment can be while talking to you after giving it this perk. They all have different personalities, and will speak to you in a different way. The same gizmo will always have the same personality, no matter what piece of equipment you put it on. For instance, disassembling a piece of equipment with the Thalia personality, getting the gizmo back, and then using that same gizmo on a different piece of equipment will cause the new piece of equipment to also have the Thalia personality.


Anya seems to have a obsessive personality. In her dialogue she mentions having lived on Infernus once. She is overly attached to the player character and the things she says often come off as clingy or creepy.


Dandelion has an obsession for combat. He enjoys the player participating in combat activities and encourages them to do so. He also seems to enjoy nature, specifically flowers, and states that his name is "manly" from where he comes.


Dawn, or Lensig, is a character from The Death of Chivalry, and makes frequent references to the quest. She seems to have a split personality, flitting between the Dawn and Lensig personas often.


Eve has a flirtatious attitude, and is quite affectionate towards the player.


Jim is an elderly man who dislikes the "lack of respect" that the player has, due to them being far younger than him. He has problems with his sciatic nerve.


Mina is a perky individual who makes it clear that she enjoys adventuring. She is excitable and energetic.


Thalia is a nervous individual, trapped beyond her free will. She constantly asks for the player to let her out.


Tyler is the stereotypical young man obsessed with fitness training. He frequently compliments the player, is very friendly with them, and calls them nicknames such as "brah" and "playa".




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