Talon beast charm detail

A talon beast charm is used in the Summoning skill to make a talon beast pouch. Players need level 77 Summoning plus 174 spirit shards and a crimson charm, but gain 1015.2 experience points.

Talon beast charms are a 100% drop from nail beasts which are encountered during all three difficulty levels of the Temple Trekking minigame. It is highly recommended to pick these up in the minigame, as they are untradeable and can greatly help with summoning training at higher levels. Talon Beast pouches give the most summoning experience per pouch in the game, with 1015.2 compared to its nearest rival the Dungeoneering Sachem Skinweaver pouch with 852.5.

Although talon beast charms should be saved and used for summoning training, it is very time consuming to collect enough charms to significantly level up in summoning. Nail beasts are just one of many events that can occur in Temple Trekking and 2-3 trips can occur before any are encountered. Thus, it takes quite some time to accumulate many of these charms. If training summoning, other methods are likely to be much faster.


Familiars that can be made with the talon beast charm are:

Level Familiar Charm Shards Create XP
77 Talon Beast Crimson 174 1,015.2

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Nail beast42; 84; 981Always


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